PARMA Announces 2021 Live Stage Line Up: Tangos, Festivals, Electro-Acoustic Concoctions, and Much More

Since its launch in March 2020, the PARMA Live Stage has streamed nearly 50 concerts for artists to present their craft in an age of social distancing. A myriad of piano concertos, symphonies, string quartets, and other music ensembles have been showcased, and will continue through 2021. The PARMA Live Stage recently featured two artists in April, one jazz based, and one classical. Composer and Saxophonist Jordan VanHemert appeared on the PARMA Live Stage on April 8. As a Korean American ...

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“And you cashed the check? Well, you’re screwed!”

April 8th, 2021|PARMA News|

This is the (abbreviated!) story of how I became the CEO of PARMA Recordings, a company representing the work of thousands of artists on our labels, with a GRAMMY-winning staff of dozens across the globe, a company which since 2008 has paid and employed literally thousands of musicians for recording projects, which has done pro bono and philanthropic work to create new opportunities not just for our own artists but for the market as a whole – all with the goal of making great music in a responsible way.


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