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Art needs advocates. After devoting your time, passion, and budget to the creative cause, making sure your work has a life in the marketplace is crucial. Our Publicity & Marketing team has an extensive network of reviewers, performers, radio stations, blogs, music directors, and more, and we develop impactful marketing plans while providing our artists with promotional tools, tips, and training to implement along with us.

Meet the Press

PARMA has an established track record of generating results, and our music and artists have been featured in Gramophone Magazine, BBC Music Magazine, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and many more.

PARMA has an established track record of generating results, and our music and artists have been featured in…

Gramophone MagazineBBC Music MagazineNew York TimesLos Angeles TimesBoston Globe


Probing for pithy particulars to provoke the press? Our team listens not only to your music but to you, and we’ll work together to create concise, catchy, and accurate promotional copy for your work.

Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and Other Promotional Materials

PARMA’s own digital sales sheet, referred to as an Electronic Press Kit (EPK), provides information including audio files, liner notes, biographies, and scores/parts.

Promotional Toolkit

PARMA artists receive access to our Promotional Toolkit, which includes recommendations on best practices in today’s marketplace, educational digests, industry developments, materials for use in social media, and more.

Annual Impact Reporting

Our team clips and delivers instances of press coverage, including reviews, airplay, features, and posts, and at the end of each business year PARMA sends our artists a comprehensive Impact Report including press results, royalties, statistics, and more.

What the Press is Saying

A Bissel Rhythm - album cover


Paul Green

“The music sometimes joyous, sometimes mournful attests to these artists’ conversance with two alluring musical languages.”
— Chicago Tribune
Conference of the Birds - album cover


Jonathan Sheffer

“… Sheffer’s discerning instincts for atmosphere and colour give the score its own glistening and touching identity. As much fun as it is to hear DiDonato go to town as narrator, the orchestral version is an opportunity to savour the delightful… effects that Sheffer weaves so deftly into his nuanced sonic fabric.”
— Gramophone Magazine
The Mask in the Mirror - album cover


Richard Thompson

“Thompson powerfully confronts complex, difficult issues through flawed yet sympathetic characters while avoiding sentimentality.”
— BBC Music Magazine
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