Dolby Atmos has long been an interest of the PARMA team, having won a GRAMMY® in 2021 for Best Immersive Audio Album, and celebrating multiple Atmos releases thereafter. This month, the production team had the pleasure of bringing sound beyond stereo to several chamber and choral sessions around the world. Read on for an inside look at our recordings in Charleston SC and Prague.

Catching Up with Thomas Cabaniss

The production team kicked off their spring sessions in South Carolina with composer Thomas Cabaniss, who was gearing up to record the follow up to his recent Navona Records release, FOUR ELEMENTS. Cabaniss joined forces with the Charleston Symphony String Quartet again to bring his string works to life, which will be released in stereo and Dolby Atmos on Navona Records.

“It was a beautiful week in Charleston,” said Cabaniss. “I hope that this second volume will give an even more complete picture of my work in this genre and of the collaboration with the Charleston Symphony String Quartet. We all feel very lucky to have recorded it all in South Carolina and in ATMOS audio!”

Thomas Cabaniss

Thomas Cabaniss

Thomas Cabaniss (b. Charleston SC, 1962) has composed a wide-ranging catalog of works, including music for dance, theater, film, and the concert stage.

The Final Belfiato Quintet Recordings

Later on at Prague’s Korunní Street Chapel, the team entered sessions with several composers to wrap up the audio portion of Navona Records’ upcoming visual album with the celebrated Belfiato Quintet. John Carbon, John G. Bilotta, Stephen Gryc, and Marilyn Bliss each had their works for woodwind quintet recorded by the ensemble, with a unique kazoo feature in Bliss’ piece, The Discovery of Honey. The upcoming visual album from Navona Records will also be available in Dolby Atmos immersive audio.

“The Belfiato Quintet is phenomenal,” said Bilotta, following the session. “I was blown away by the beauty of their sound, the precision of their playing, and their ability to turn around the most difficult passages in a piece full of them.”

New Choral Music with Bill Whitley

May Sessions concluded in Prague with the recording of Bill Whitley’s Matilde alle Fontane, a work submitted in a recent Featured Recording Opportunity with the Kühn Choir. As a longtime PARMA artist, Whitley’s music has been praised for its “integrity and sophistication,” and is available both on Navona and Ravello Records.

Bill Whitley

Bill Whitley

Elements of Gregorian chant, Indian raga music, gamelan, rock, and progressive rock are frequently present in Bill Whitley’s work.

Coming Soon…

With these sessions in the books, we’re looking forward to our upcoming endeavors with the London Symphony Orchestra, London Voices, and more this June.