Looking to bring the magic of a live chamber music production to the comfort of your home? These video concert programs performed by members of St. Petersburg Philharmonic will fit the bill, featuring string quartet and woodwind quintet music from Navona Records releases composed by several PARMA Artists.

Read on to discover stunning works for string quartet through Fragments of Time and vibrant music for woodwind quintet with Rhythms of the Reed.

Fragments of Time: A Musical Mosaic

Fragments of Time: A Musical Mosaic features contemporary string works from composers David Bridges, Paul Osterfield, L Peter Deutsch, Ferdinando DeSena, Marvin Lamb, and Katherine Price. Featuring several works from Navona Records’ QUADRANTS VOL. 2, the music in this visual production is vivid, narrative, and intense, a stunning showcase of the evocative capabilities a string quartet can wield.

Rhythms of the Reed: A Celebration of Woodwinds

With several works from WINDSWEPT on Navona Records, Rhythms of the Reed: A Celebration of Woodwinds is a deeply expressive program of works by composers Jan Järvlepp, David MacDonald, Craig Peaslee, and Kenneth Kuhn. From the dark and brooding bassoon to a hair-raising french horn and smooth singing flute, clarinet, and oboe lines, the music presented in this visual production is vibrant and textured, brimming with virtuosity and aesthetic appeal.

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