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Telling the story of your music can take as much planning, effort, and expertise as forging it in the first place. From creative development to on-site filming to post-production, whether it is for a documentary short, an in-studio recording session, or a full live concert performance, PARMA’s Video team is ready to help you craft a story that people will be moved to share.


Your performances pack a punch for in-person audience members, and we believe they should do the same for virtual viewers. PARMA’s live-stream services crew combines our pristine audio capabilities with the same cinema-quality work that we use to create edited videos. Once we show up onsite, all you have to do is focus on delivering a great performance. We’ll take care of the rest.

VIDEO: Wild Symphony world premiere in Zagreb, Croatia.
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Capture Every Frame of Your Music

PARMA’s video team can capture the immersive, multisensory experiences of your session, performance, publicity campaign, and more. Quality video transports viewers into a world entirely focused on your music project, and by inviting your audience into the story, you invite them to care more deeply about your work.

VIDEO: NYC Based Cellist Thomas Mesa performs Elizabeth Start’s composition Echoes in Life, live in studio at Oktaven Audio in Mount Vernon, NY.

Catching Critical Moments

According to Billboard Music’s Year End Report, video-based music streaming increased more than 40% in 2019. There are many stories that can be told about your music, and video can help illuminate those stories. By catching critical moments from your project, we can help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace and separate yourself from the competition.

VIDEO: PARMA presents MOTO CELESTE at Carnegie Hall
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Tell Your Story

Whether it is a short sizzle reel or a long form profile, a video preserves your story for audiences today and tomorrow. Document your experiences, share your ideas, and inspire others.

VIDEO: Composer John A. Carollo dives deeper into the story of his SYMPHONY NO. 3.

Integrative Project Development

Our in-house videographers work side-by-side with the rest of our team, and the integration of knowledge from other departments results in videos that fully capture the spirit of your project.

Audio Aesthetics

PARMA’s videos are made in conjunction with our audio production team, and we always take great care with audio aesthetics. Your videos will sound as terrific as they look.

Record Video Around the World

In addition to our mobile in-house videography team, PARMA works with a network of world-class videographers around the globe who can capture your session or performance no matter where it takes place.

Keep Watching

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“This is wonderful work — utterly compelling, and so close to my own thought processes as I was creating this piece. I saw your email and started “play” just to get a sense of the video, and then I simply heard/watched the whole piece. I was spell-bound. This has exceeded my every expectation. You’ve really created something extraordinary. I cannot thank you enough.”
— Hilary Tann
Composer & Navona Records Artist

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