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Web Design

When people want to learn more about you or your music, the first place they search is online. You can be ready to meet them there with the help of our web team who will assist you in creating or revamping a professional, on-brand, and striking website.

Meet You On the World Wide Web

In today’s industry, having a quality website isn’t just a good idea – it’s a necessity. The web is where people will go to learn more about you, find your music, and engage with you by signing up for your newsletter or streaming your music.

Responsive web design

From the Ground Up

If you’re starting from scratch, we’re here to start it up with you. PARMA’s Web Design team will help you bring your artistic presence online by working with you to create a look and feel that will communicate what you and your music are all about. Every artist has a unique story to tell and we want to help you tell yours.

Bring it to the
Next Level

Already have a website but want to elevate it? We can help! In addition to building new sites, our team can update your current site and existing brand.

Whether you need new content or design elements, or are looking to add new features such as Google Analytics, an events calendar, or a blog, we can put these pieces together for you and leave your site looking better than ever.

A Selection of Our Work

Nina Feric website

Nina Feric

composer & pianist
Katherine Saxon website

Katherine Saxon

Daniel Adams website

Daniel Adams

Akua Dixon website

Rita Costanzi

harpist, actor, teacher
Akua Dixon website

Akua Dixon

cellist, composer
Joseph Summer website

Joseph Summer

Michael Evans website

Michael J. Evans

Herb Deutsch website

Herb Deutsch

composer, author, educator, synth pioneer
Andy Malloy website

Andy Malloy

Bruce Babcock website

Bruce Babcock

Arthur Gottschalk website

Arthur Gottschalk

composer, educator
Stuart Weber website

Stuart Weber

classical guitarist & composer

One Stop Shop

Setup and maintenance of a website can be complicated, and as an artist you have enough on your plate already. PARMA can take care of everything from start to finish, including design and development, obtaining a custom domain name, and website hosting services.

Updates Made Easy

Edit your site as you please with the help of a user-friendly backend interface. Not interested in updating your own site, or simply don’t have the time? Our experienced team of designers and developers are available any time to assist with updates.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Since on average over 50% of people view websites on their phones, a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever. We create sites that look great on all screen sizes from mobile phones to desktop computers and everything in between.


All PARMA-built websites include access to analytical data, such as the amount of traffic your website has received, which pages are the most popular, and how visitors are finding your site.

Integration of PARMA Services

Take your PARMA-produced assets and feature them on your site. Whether you have a new video, restored audio files, or a freshly-designed logo, you can integrate your work with our Audio, Video, and Graphic Design services into your website.

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