Audio Post Production


Whether we are bringing a project recorded with PARMA through its final stages or helping you finish a project that you’ve been developing, our goal is singular—to create market-ready products that sound terrific.

Post-Production for All Sounds

PARMA provides a full complement of audio post-production services independent of or in conjunction with our recording projects. With an Engineering Team that includes GRAMMY Award-winning talent and decades of combined experience, we deliver high quality results across a wide variety of genres and styles.

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Capturing Perfection

With the studio recording, each section of your music is captured almost perfectly and then pieced together in the editing process until a seamless recording is formed.

VIDEO: PARMA Audio Director Lucas Paquette offers a look into the world of editing.
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Personalized Care for Your Music

Working in close collaboration with composers and performers, we take a customized approach to each project. Our engineers use both cutting-edge techniques and time-tested methods to bring your recordings to their full potential.

Editing and Mixing

We invite our artists to collaborate with us as we finely comb through every recording to bring out the best in your music.


In-house mastering services ensure that your recordings are prepared for their final destination, whether that’s an album, film soundtrack, or more.

Audio Aesthetic Consult

Our team is here to guide you with any questions regarding post-production, and how to make your recordings sound their best.

Restoration of Historic Recordings

Want to bring new life to archival recordings? We can restore your music and prepare it for release by today’s standards.

Apple Digital Masters Certified (Previously Mastered for iTunes)

Each recording we master meets the Apple Digital Masters standards, offering the best quality sound to listeners far and wide.

“I have been listening to the recording of “To Spring,” and I have to say, I am blown away with how amazing it is. The recording session was fantastic to begin with. This recording that has come to me so far is simply — far and away — superb.”
— Dan Perttu
Composer & Navona Records Artist

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