For over 15 years PARMA Recordings has brought cutting-edge classical music to listeners around the world, producing over 1,000 albums and presenting Grammy award-winning music that has been featured in settings and situations from CBS to Carnegie Hall, at the top of the Billboard charts, and beyond.

From Boston to London, the Czech Republic to Cuba, and everywhere in between, PARMA Recordings works hand in hand with artists in an ever-expanding ecosystem, providing a one-of-a-kind approach to help creators to bring their works to life and a platform for audiences worldwide to discover and appreciate art in its finest forms.

Specializing in high quality audio production, social media promotion, digital advertising, website design and development, and multimedia creation, PARMA’s international team works with a diverse roster of creative types across four independent record labels with the goal of making compelling music and media in an innovative, engaging, and entertaining way.

PARMA offers artists from all walks of life a supportive and accessible platform to pioneer and stretch their artistic boundaries with creative freedom and agency. Our mission? To assist and elevate deserving talent and amplify their work so that it may reach eyes and ears on a global scale.

With world premiere recordings of works by Leonard Bernstein and Chick Corea, Grammy-winning albums with The Crossing and the U.S. Army Field Band, large-scale releases with the London Symphony Orchestra, and successful projects with the likes of Fundación Astor Piazzolla and Richard Galliano in the books, we’re well-equipped to make your magnum opus come to life.

Have an idea? We’re listening.

Bob Lord

by Bob Lord, CEO PARMA Recordings

“And you cashed the check? Well, you’re screwed!”

Except he didn’t say “screwed.” Here’s the story of why we do what we do.

This is the (abbreviated!) story of how I became the CEO of PARMA Recordings, a company representing the work of thousands of artists on our labels, with a GRAMMY-winning staff of dozens across the globe, a company which since 2008 has paid and employed literally thousands of musicians for recording projects, which has done pro bono and philanthropic work to create new opportunities not just for our own artists but for the market as a whole – all with the goal of making great music in a responsible way.

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