Producing music is simple. Producing music well is another matter altogether.

The GRAMMY-winning team at PARMA Recordings knows what it takes to do just that. Deliver a custom-recorded orchestral track for an international ad campaign on hours’ notice? Check. Capture the performance of a jazz ensemble live in the middle of the woods, amongst the trees? Check again. Produce symphonic music for a multimedia project and tour it internationally with our very own orchestra? Check.

Music from our distributed labels has been featured in settings and situations from CBS to Carnegie Hall, Microsoft to the Musikverein, and Nintendo to National Geographic. Since 2008, PARMA has produced over 900 commercial releases, and has been nominated in two GRAMMY Award ceremonies (THE ARC IN THE SKY by Kile Smith and The Crossing, nominated for “Best Choral Performance” 2020; CARTHAGE by James Primosch and The Crossing, nominated for “Best Choral Performance” 2021).

Have an idea? We’re listening.

Bob Lord

by Bob Lord, CEO PARMA Recordings

“And you cashed the check? Well, you’re screwed!”

Except he didn’t say “screwed.” Here’s the story of why we do what we do.

This is the (abbreviated!) story of how I became the CEO of PARMA Recordings, a company representing the work of thousands of artists on our labels, with a GRAMMY-winning staff of dozens across the globe, a company which since 2008 has paid and employed literally thousands of musicians for recording projects, which has done pro bono and philanthropic work to create new opportunities not just for our own artists but for the market as a whole – all with the goal of making great music in a responsible way.

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