From the studio to the (virtual) stage, we’ve done our best to do our best, and to put music and musicians first during this unprecedented situation. Read about our past, present, and future efforts to create and serve music, including recent sessions, performances, and the upcoming MOTO VIRTUO II, a live benefit concert this Thursday to support artists in crisis.

Recording Sessions

The red light is back on in the studio, and we are continuing to make music.

When COVID-19 emerged and quarantine became the norm for many nations, the music industry felt the effects almost immediately. However, countries such as the Czech Republic, Greece, and others where we frequently work have recently taken steps to resume activity for certain types of groups while implementing necessary safety precautions. This includes small ensembles gathering for recording sessions.

With masks on and sanitizer handy, our team was one of the first to head back into the studio and start making music. Our Czech-based Recording Sessions Manager Intl. Jan Košulič oversaw the process as we recorded works for solo piano with Lucie Kaucká for composers Bill Sherrill and Sarah Wallin-Huff at Reduta Hall in Olomouc. In Greece, we recorded at Dimitris Mitropoulos Concert Hall in Athens with Ergon Ensemble performing music by Herbert A. Deutsch.

At the legendary – and almost completely empty! – Dvořák Hall in Prague, we recorded music by composer Philippe Kocher with the Belfiato Quintet.. With many of the composers attending via remote streaming, we were able to safely capture their music and involve them in the process every step of the way.

We rounded off the month with sessions for composers Chen-Hsin Su, Jim Puckett, and more music by Herbert A. Deutsch. As restrictions begin to lift, we’re looking forward to safely conducting more sessions in Europe and the United States this summer.

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In all crises there are opportunities for innovation. When venues closed and concerts were postponed due to the pandemic, PARMA responded by launching its Live Stage, a virtual theater to host live performances and events. Since March, we have hosted and produced over two dozen concerts, featuring the Belfiato Quintet, musicians from the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, the Brno Contemporary Orchestra, and our longtime friend Vít Mužík, among others.

In early May we produced MOTO VIRTUO, an online benefit concert for New Music USA’s Solidarity Fund featuring cellist and composer Ovidiu Marinescu and the works of Hilary Tann, Nora Morrow, Betty R. Wishart, L Peter Deutsch, David Williams, J.S. Bach, and a premiere of one of the cellist’s own compositions. Thanks to the generous donations of viewers, we were able to raise funds to support artists struggling due to loss of gigs.

Upcoming performances include MOTO VIRTUO II this Thursday, June 18, at 6 PM EDT featuring Ovidiu and music by Robert Fleisher, Jason Newman, Kim Diehnelt, Matthew Hetz, Andrew Norman, David Nisbet Stewart, J.S. Bach, and one of the cellist’s own compositions, a July 18 benefit concert with renowned flutist Lindsey Goodman for New Music USA, and more.

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