From chamber and orchestral sessions to live concerts at Carnegie Hall, November was a great time to see PARMA artists doing what they do best: presenting the latest in classical music at studios and stages around the world. Dive in for a look at our recent productions.

Shalin Liu with Ferdinando DeSena

The production team’s November sessions kicked off at Rockport MA’s Shalin Liu Performance center with a few familiar faces, composer Ferdinando DeSena and pianist Yoko Hagino, both longtime PARMA artists. The recorded piece, A Book and Its Cover, will be featured on an upcoming Navona Records release of original works by DeSena.

See each artists’ catalog of recorded works here.

Ferdinando DeSena

Yoko Hagino

Trio Casals Returns to Carnegie Hall

Shortly after sessions with DeSena concluded, several members of the PARMA team made their way to Manhattan to catch a live performance of A GRAND JOURNEY VOL. 2 at the historic Carnegie Hall. Featuring the works of several contemporary composers, Trio Casals delivered a resounding performance to a lively audience.

Read the full concert recap here.

Trio Casals Returns to Carnegie Hall

New Music with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

Following the performance in New York, members of the production team geared up overseas in Matla to record the second edition of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2020 Navona Records release, CONTEMPORARY COLOURS. Conducted by Miran Vaupotić, the album will feature the works of several Maltese composers including Albert Pace, Josef Bugeja, Steven-Joseph Psalia, Joseph Sammut, Reuben Pace, Kris Spiteri, Kristian Schembri, and Ruben Zahra.

Listen to the original CONTEMPORARY COLOURS on Navona Records here.

Contemporary Colours - album cover


Navona Records, 2020

Featuring music exclusively by Maltese composers, CONTEMPORARY COLOURS combines full orchestration with pre-recorded elements, traditional instruments, and contemporary sounds to bring the pieces to life.

Over to Ostrava

The team quickly transitioned to the Czech Republic following their sessions in Malta. In Ostrava, the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra began working with new music from composers David Eccott, Lawrence R. Mumford, and Peter Dickson Lopez. Mumford and Lopez were recently honored in the 2023 American Prize among several other PARMA artists.

This production marked the final session for Mumford’s Symphony, which has been recorded by movement over the course of a few years. 

Mumford is honored to mention that some of the largest classical radio stations in the country have been playing movements from the symphony repeatedly for the last couple of years, and movements one and two have been included on the 2024 “ultimate playlist” at KDFC San Francisco and KUSC Los Angeles.

Catching Up With Ovidiu Marinescu

Ovidiu Marinescu followed up his performance with Trio Casals at Carnegie Hall with a session in West Chester PA to capture new chamber works by Ray Fahrner, Liova Bueno, and Catherine Neville that were selected from a recent Featured Recording Opportunity. Joined by pianist Noreen Cassidy-Polera, Marinescu recorded works to be featured in an upcoming album from Navona Records, to be programmed and performed live in Carnegie Hall.