photo: organist Karel Martínek and composer Christopher Hoh

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving in the United States, and this year we’re thankful to work with the world’s leading classical artists, from prominent composers to notable ensembles of nearly every variety. With that, here’s the latest PARMA productions.

Operatic Productions

The PARMA production team kicked off this month’s sessions overseas at Ostrava’s Vesmír Concert Hall in the Czech Republic, where they recorded Act 1 of composer Michael Evans’s A Fine Agitation.

Joined by the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, the Moravian-Silesian Theatre Choir, and featured mezzo soprano Bella Adamova, the team captured the first act of the opera, which follows the events leading up to the 1873 trial of American women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony.

“I love the message of this piece and the legacy of Susan B. Anthony,” said Adamova following the session. “Every human should have equal rights.”

Evans gave context to the opera’s origins and shared his insight on Anthony’s struggles, including the ways in which they mirror the same social issues we face today.

“This first act is structured around all of Anthony’s letters and journal entries prior to the trial,” said Evans. “The fight that she started in the 1800’s still continues today, and hopefully through the legacy she left, women will achieve equality.”

Visual Productions in Brno

In Brno, the production team synced up with the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra at Besední dům to record Sinfonia by composer Scott Brickman. Recording both audio and video, the team captured the full piece with Brickman on site.

Filharmonie Brno at Besední dům recording Scott Brickman’s Sinfonia

Fusing Organ and Orchestra

Shortly after their time in Brno, the team concluded November sessions with the recording of the final piece to be included on HEAVY PEDAL VOL. 2, an upcoming Navona Records release slated for 2023. Performed by The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice and organist Karel Martínek, the team captured composer Christopher Hoh’s Concertino Corona.