In keeping with our longtime mission of recording and releasing historic world premieres, PARMA Recordings is pleased to announce the release of an unprecedented mix of John Cage’s historically silent 4’33” in Dolby ATMOS.

Designed to give listeners a highly immersive audio experience, this ATMOS mix will transport Cage enthusiasts to a whole new dimension of sound, or lack thereof. We believe this mix is perfectly positioned to repeat the “Best Immersive Audio” GRAMMY win for our Navona Records release last year, assuming the members of the Recording Academy can actually hear it.

Described by BBC Music Magazine as “one of the most controversial — and significant— composers” of the 20th Century, Cage sought to redefine how we conceptualize not only music, but art, life, and the constructs that limit our interpretations of each. Whether it was an act of brilliance or the ultimate prank in classical music remains up for debate, and hopefully our Dolby ATMOS mix will clear the air on the topic once and for all.

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