photo: tenor Johnnie Felder

The hot summer days we cherish may be coming to a close, but we have no plans of cooling down when it comes to making new music. Dive in for a look at the latest sessions with PARMA productions.

New Music with Gustav Hoyer

The production team kicked off this month’s sessions with the recording of composer Gustav Hoyer’s upcoming release with PARMA, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner at WGBH Boston Public Radio. Narrated by Kent Stephens, the piece is a lyrical ballad detailing a dangerous journey embarked on by a sea-faring wedding guest.

Chamber Works with Frank Clark

Soon after, the production team made a short trip to Worcester MA’s Mechanics Hall, where sessions with lyricist Frank Clark were underway. The team captured Clark’s Three Songs to Poems, which was performed by tenor Johnnie Felder and pianist Winifred Goodwin, both of whom flew up the East Coast from South Carolina to attend the session. 

With music originally by Gordon Goodwin, Clark’s written text for the work spans three songs: “Foggy Brown Sugar,” “Infant Moments,” and “Partial Absence.”

photo: Mechanics Hall, Worcester MA

Jan Järvlepp Joins Forces with Benda Quartet

Across the Atlantic, members of the production team dialed in remotely to work with longtime PARMA artist Jan Järvlepp, who began recording for a new album of chamber music to be released on Navona Records. Members of the Benda Quartet recorded Järvlepp’s Trio No. 5 at Czech Radio Ostrava for this session.

Benda Quartet during a recording session of  works by Jan Järvlepp

The ensemble, with whom we recently recorded a visual album, is scheduled to shoot another visual album this October, this time for PARMA artist Stuart Weber.

Keeping up with Kühn Choir

The team closed out this month’s productions this month in Prague with the Kühn Choir, who recorded vocal works by several contemporary composers. The compositions by William Copper, Denice Rippentrop, and Richard E Brown will all be included in a full album of sacred choral music releasing on Navona Records in 2024.