Each month, PARMA has the pleasure of not only releasing powerful works by our artists, but also seeing the positive impact that these works have on listeners. Read on for a selection of what the press had to say about the latest releases from Navona and Ravello Records.

[Featured Image: Kerry DuWors and Futaba Niekawa of duo526]

“DuWors and Niekawa are a beautifully balanced duo, with exceptional intonation and a tangible empathy.”

Gramophone on DUO FANTASY

“[T]he album is a demonstration disc for Jolly’s talent which is on great display here.”


“Purely and compellingly orchestral. Very good sound.”


“[B]oth technical and expressive, from jazz to plainchant to ecstasy.”

Performing Arts Monterey Bay on THE ARC IN THE SKY

Alberga’s ingenious mingling of dodecaphonic and tonal material never feels stale.”

The Arts Desk on STRING QUARTETS 1, 2 & 3

“Instantly accessible to the casual listener, while, at the same time, well-constructed, with clear intent as to matters of form, harmony, and more than enough technical complexity to satisfy the more analytical academic.”

Music Web International on PIANO QUARTETS 1 & 2

“an album here full of engaging melodies both from traditional and more familiar tangos to recent compositions in the form.”


“Cheeseman’s album contrasts sonorities that are distinctive and compelling in order to create elaborate sound environments.”

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