Electric or acoustic, finger plucked and strummed with six strings or more, the guitar is for sure one of the most iconic vessels of musical creativity and sonic serenity, seen consistently in the hands of pop culture icons, students of the craft, and virtuosos alike. Put to use by string-shredding legends like Jimi Hendrix, acclaimed jazz artists like Pat Metheney, and distinguished classical musicians like Julian Bream, there’s little that the guitar can’t do.

In celebration of the widely popular and versatile instrument, we’d like to share some hand-picked tracks that shine a spotlight on the guitar’s prowess in classical music, no strings attached!

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Partita, Op, 103: III. Pastorale
David Noon

Composed by David Noon, Pastorale is the third of four movements reminiscent of Baroque dance forms, capturing their rustic charm in a reimagined context with Duo Sequenza’s flute and guitar.

“There is such a wealth of excellent music written for flute and classical guitar, especially that which has been composed in the last 25 years or so.”

Duo Sequenza

Duo Sequenza

The Inside Story: Duo Sequenza and YES…IT’S A THING!

Anniversary Waltz
Stuart Weber

Anniversary Waltz is a charismatic, warm dance with none of a traditional waltz’s rhythmic rigidity, but all of its sentiment and musicality. The guitar’s sweet tones are amplified in this recording by its accompaniments, with a second guitar punctuating Weber’s phrasing amidst tender violin and cello lines.

“Anniversary Waltz captures two people as they celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary… When I’m writing a piece of music like this I have real specific characters in my mind; I can see them. I can imagine them on the dance floor, the low lights, all of that stuff.”

Composer & Guitarist Stuart Weber

Guitar Concerto
Ssu-Yu Huang

Uncommonly present given its setting, the guitar cuts through a full orchestra and speaks boldly in Ssu-Yu Huang’s Guitar Concerto No.1. Featured on BENEATH THE TIDE from Navona Records, the concerto reflects on the nostalgia one feels after moving from their hometown, with the guitar mimicking the sudden outbursts of emotion one experiences when traversing troublesome transitions.

“This album is a significant milestone in my career. Not only is it the world premiere of my first guitar concerto, but it is also a great honor to contribute to this album with fantastic music from other composers.”

Composer Ssu-Yu Huang

Ssu-Yu Huang

The Inside Story: Ssu-Yu Huang and BENEATH THE TIDE

Allegro in E Minor
Sylvius Leopold Weiss

Originally written in D minor, Alan Rinehart’s arrangement of Weiss’s lute work for guitar keeps true to the original, evoking the quintessential beauty and liveliness of Baroque’s climactic period. Though modified to accommodate the tuning ranges of the guitar, the intentions of Weiss still shine through in these transcriptions.

“I hope that this little slice of his work will please listeners and encourage further exploration of Weiss’s musical output.”

Guitarist Alan Rinehart

Alan Rinehart

The Inside Story: Alan Rinehart and SYLVIUS LEOPOLD WEISS

From the Windy Place – I. The Pilgrim’s Road
Frank Wallace

Frank Wallace’s music, known for its extraordinary breadth of color and concept, has been heralded as “beautifully played and superbly recorded” by Classical Guitar Magazine. Dedicated to his son Guthrie, From the Windy Place refers to the windy north coast of Spain near La Coruña, where Wallace traveled along the pilgrimage roads that are described through music in this first movement.



Ravello Records presents the late composer-performer Frank A. Wallace’s WALLACE PLAYS WALLACE. This multi-disc compilation is a wide-ranging culling of the noted guitarist/composer’s decades of masterful classical guitar performances of his own compositions.

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