Music has long been a medium for activism and the efforts of Earth Day are no exception. In honor of Earth Day we have added a selection of pieces to this special playlist from our catalog that highlight the beauty of the Earth and represent what artists are doing to raise environmental awareness.

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Mother Earth
Maurizio Bignone

Born out of the strife of 2020, MOTHER EARTH from violist Brett Deubner expresses the angst and hope of this deeply challenging period through the language of music. The album’s titular track was written for Deubner by ​​Maurizio Bignone as a “call to arms” in the face of climate change.

“We have only one planet and we had better take care of it. This pandemic has had a profound effect on the Earth. During the first few months of what appeared to be a global lockdown, our planet seemed to cleanse itself of pollution from travel and industry. I hope our own personal ‘reset’ can help us to live more peacefully.”

Violist Brett Deubner

Brett Deubner

Conversations with Violist Brett Deubner

Restless Nation: V. Of Rocks and Rivers
Andy Teirstein

Each movement of Restless Nation reflects different aspects of an adventure through nature from a child’s perspective: the open road, the sounds of insects and night animals, rambunctious and reflective moments, wilderness, and the journey home. In its 5th movement, a flowing river crashing against steady rock is sonically captured by the Cassatt String Quartet with luscious interplay amidst dynamic passages.

“The six short movements of the piece, performed on the album by the Cassatt String Quartet, are as much influenced by the wilderness and natural wonders we encountered as they are by the bowing styles of fiddlers we played with in Arkansas and Tennessee and the dance tunes we heard across the country.”

Composer Andy Teirstein

Andy Teirstein

The Inside Story: Andy Teirstein and RESTLESS NATION

British Columbia: Manning Park
Jeffrey Derus

FROM WILDERNESS is a concert-length work and meditation on the transformative experience of traveling the Pacific Crest Trail. Based on poetry by Nora Ghassan Abdullatif, British Columbia: Manning Park marks the end of the journey with an ethereal soundscape giving way to a resonating chime that delicately fades out and closes the album.

FROM WILDERNESS - album cover


Spanning landscapes from Mexico to Canada, the Pacific Crest Trail covers thousands of miles of natural beauty, creating a transformative journey captured in FROM WILDERNESS from Navona Records.

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