53 years ago marked the first celebration of what is now known as Hispanic Heritage Month. Running from September 15 to October 15, around the independence day anniversaries of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile, and Belize, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the “histories, cultures, and contributions” of Hispanic people and groups to the world. In celebration of Hispanic culture, we’re highlighting some of the artists with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working.

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Violin Concerto: III. Andante – Allegro
Alicia Terzian

The creation of Violin Concerto by Alicia Terzian marked the beginning of her 66-year — and counting — compositional career. Originally composed in 1954/55, this important piece of her repertoire was brought to life thanks to a collaboration between Navona Records and the Siberian State Symphony Orchestra. The third movement, “Andante – Allegro,” meets striking brass with flighty string orchestrations, building and resolving tension for a climactic and punchy ending.

“Listeners must know that I was very young, that I was in love for the first time in my life and that I transmitted that feeling mixed with many other things that happened to me at that age… all together in this my Violin Concerto.”

Composer, Alicia Terzian

Composer Alicia Terzian with violinist Rafael Gintoli

The Inside Story: Alicia Terzian and her Violin Concerto


Recuerdos estivos: II Crepúsculos Alpinos – The Suite
Jose Elizondo

Crepúsculos Alpinos draws inspiration from the feeling of peace and serenity that is experienced when observing Alpenglow, an optical phenomenon typically experienced in the summit of high mountains that consists of pinkish, reddish, violet light. The character of this melody is warm and uplifting, signifying optimism and hope in spite of life’s ups and downs. Elizondo’s musical style is tonal and lyrical, often featuring elements of his Latin American heritage.

“I just hope that Green’s and Elizondo’s works will be heard with the same seriousness as audiences usually listen to Bach and Telemann. Our living composers are living treasures, and their artistry is just, if not more important, than the other established composers in the album.”

Conductor, Orlando Cela

The Inside Story: Orlando Cela and THE SUITE


The Gulag Within
Santiago Kodela

The music and text of The Gulag Within by Argentinian composer Santiago Kodela was inspired by the tragic events that occurred in the infamous communist Soviet forced labor camp system that took place throughout most of the 20th Century. Performed by the Kühn Choir Prague, the music reflects the phases of acceptance a person experiences when dealing with a tragedy.

“I strongly believe music is the best companion during our moments of solitude and loneliness.”

Composer, Santiago Kodela

The Inside Story: Santiago Kodela and PATTERNS


Mortal Dreams – Madrigal III
Sergio Cervetti

With a distinguished career and extensive body of work, Uruguayan-born composer Sergio Cervetti gives each piece a complex, personal voice, representing a post-modern synthesis of European tradition, folk elements, and minimalist aesthetics. Reflected in his compositions are interests in literature, painting, dance, and socio-political topics as well as his rich South American heritage.

The early minimalist work Madrigal III (1975) is inspired by the poetry of 15th-century Aztec ruler Netzahualcoyotl. With interweaving lines of counterpoint and a number of restricted pitches featuring two soprano voices, Madrigal III delivers operatic vocals and dreamy instrumentals from the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Sergio Cervetti Parallel Realms

Composer Conversations: Sergio Cervetti and PARALLEL REALMS


Aconcagua: I. Allegro marcato
Piazzolla and Galliano

Aconcagua, a concerto for bandoneon, string orchestra, and percussion by famed Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla is an exhilarating tango full of classic Latin rhythms and emotive qualities. Serbian-Austrian classical accordionist Jovica Ivanović adds further intensity to the tango, expressively performing the movement’s tender middle section.

“My big wish is that I can reach the audience with the same intense emotion that I experienced in the moment of playing.”

Accordionist, Jovica Ivanović

The Inside Story: Jovica Ivanović and PIAZZOLLA & GALLIANO


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