A longtime friend and partner has now joined the PARMA team. We’re excited to welcome GRAMMY-winning producer Brad Michel on as our Senior Producer, North America.

Brad’s 30+ years of professional recording includes involvement in hundreds of productions. His GRAMMY wins and nominations include Johnson: Considering Matthew Shepard (2016, nomination), The Sacred Spirit of Russia (2014, win), Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 23 & 24 (2010, win), Lang, David: The Little Match Girl Passion (2009, win), and Pärt: Da Pacem (2006, win). Brad’s recordings have also earned him praise from the press, including the BBC Music Magazine Award for Technical Excellence in Recording, multiple Gramophone Awards, Gramophone Critics Choice Awards, Classic FM Record of the Year, and more.
Brad Michel - producer
Brad has worked on PARMA projects since 2017 and is highly regarded by composers and session performers alike.

“Michel ran the session and production with impeccable choices”
– Fred De Sena

“[Brad] was very impressive keeping track of takes and making very fast edits…I have experienced this process many times and his ears, memory, and chops were very helpful”
– Elizabeth Start (Upcoming album)

“Brad Michel earned our trust immediately and guided our takes with concise comments that helped us use our time in an efficient way”
– Dana Muller & Gary Steigerwalt (IN YOUR HEAD, NV6190)

As PARMA begins new projects, we look forward to making more great music with Brad at the helm.

Listen as Brad describes the process of producing Navona Records’ MOTO CELESTE: