One may expect to spot a sea of musicians, microphones, and mixers in a standard recording session. Come to a PARMA production, and you might find a few cameras in the picture.

From the trailblazing MTV to the recent boom in artistic entertainment on Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok, history has proven that music and video are a duo made in harmony. If great music can captivate a listener, great video will make it impossible to turn away.

Specializing in innovative ways to visually present contemporary music, PARMA’s video production team creates ultra-realistic displays of virtuosic performances and inside looks at the minds of artists who made them possible.

Read on for a look at our recent video productions with today’s classical artists.

Studio Performances

There are some performances we must witness more than once. With today’s high definition video that mirrors reality, we can revisit impactful exhibits of artistry and experience them just like we did in the concert hall.

Carl Vollrath’s Korean Sketches

Cameras rolled in Rockport MA last March, ready to capture an intimate setting of flute and piano music at the picturesque Shalin Liu Performance Center. Carl Vollrath’s Korean Sketches is at once delicate and intense, navigating suspenseful passages and moments of true tranquility. 

With the Atlantic at their back and golden lights above, pianist Ook-Jin You and flutist Yoon-Hee Jung deliver a moving presentation of Vollrath’s work.

Důl Michal, QUADRANTS VOL 5 Visual Album

Operating as a coal mine nearly 30 years ago, Ostrava’s Důl Michal has since become a museum honoring the location’s status as an Anchor point on the European Route of Industrial Heritage. The PARMA production team saw it differently. 

To them, it was the perfect site to film the video component of the Benda Quartet’s upcoming visual album with Navona Records. Brought to life by a celebrated and well-dressed string quartet, the music captured in this mine makes a lasting impression. 

Watch a sneak preview of the future Navona Records release below.

Behind the Score

Whether it’s a short sizzle reel or a long form profile, a video preserves your story for audiences today and tomorrow. Document your experiences and show audiences what’s happening behind the score.

#elijah by John Wineglass and the London Symphony Orchestra

#elijah by composer John Wineglass pays tribute to the late Elijah Jovan McClain, a 23-year-old massage therapist and amateur violinist from Aurora CO who died after a violent encounter with police and paramedics. 

Wineglass and Yumi Hwang-Williams, featured violinist and concertmaster of the Colorado Symphony, give their perspectives on the piece in this video.

Michael Nix’s APERÇU

On APERÇU, Michael Nix incorporates a wide range of folk and classical styles to forge an entirely new genre: New Classical Banjo. An all new genre requires an all new instrument. 

Nix offers viewers of this video an exclusive look at his musical history and the creation of his unique seven string banjar.

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