Gary D. Belshaw was an artist who not only strived for perfection in his works, but sought to inject the same level of care and regard into the communities he was a part of. Today, we reflect on his life and contributions to our artistic world.

Belshaw was born on March 17, 1949 in Camp Springs MD. Even from an early age, music was a medium which moved him deeply, from his early infatuation with the works of composer Leondard Bernstein, to his deep dive into Beethoven’s nine symphonies and beyond. Belshaw shared with us in great detail the impact these composers had on his artistic journey in this Inside Story:

The Inside Story: Gary D. Belshaw and FIGMENTS VOL 3

Belshaw’s music was first released on Navona Records in January 2021 on AMERICAN IVORY, an album of solo piano works performed by pianist Richard Fountain. Several of Belshaw’s works were featured alongside tunes by composers Edward MacDowell, Aaron Copland, and Samuel Barber, each serving to highlight the variety and vitality of American art music.



Belshaw’s impressionistic nocturne beautifully balances the Chopinesque qualities of Samuel Barber’s, and Copland’s early passacaglia alternately marches and dances alongside Belshaw’s, with its expert blending of serial and Romantic techniques.

Just one year later, Belshaw made his second splash on Navona’s catalog on FIGMENTS VOL. 3 with his piece Piccolo & Chalumeau, a work for flute, clarinet, and piano that captures the whimsy of a cat and dog romping and dashing throughout their home.



A dynamic breadth of emotional performances, from soothing to exhilarating and natural to mythical.

In addition to his commercial recordings, Belshaw’s music was performed throughout the United States and abroad, including England, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Spain. Most notably, Belshaw’s Victory Day Overture for concert band received its world premiere in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. His Oofdah Fanfare premiered in the Imperial Concert Venue of the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria.

Belshaw graduated from Texas Tech University in 2000 and began a career at Wayland Baptist University. For 15 years, he taught, performed, and generally led his students toward success in their respective musical endeavors.

For several years he served as a pianist for College Heights Baptist Church, sometimes providing a slightly more modern rendition of the old hymns. In August 2012 he was named composer-in-residence of the Plainview Symphony Orchestra. The position, created specifically for Belshaw, was given in great admiration of his music. 

We are honored to have worked with Belshaw during his artistic journey, and we know his music will ring on for years to come. Join us in reflection as we listen back through his catalog of works and celebrate his life.