Making records is our forte, and to prove it, we produced over a thousand reasons to listen. While music was our decided true north, it became clear that we had cultivated a few other skills along the way.

Web design, custom artwork and animation, video production, digital marketing, and more. These components are part and parcel in supporting the arts, and PARMA Creative brings a finely-tuned artistic approach to each. Our recent endeavors with today’s leading artists are no exception.

Read on for a look at the latest oeuvre from PARMA Creative.

What’s New in Web Design?

A well-crafted website speaks volumes about a professional and their craft. It’s a digital representation of your legacy, presenting everything from biographies to recordings, news, and more to give visitors the best first impression of your work. Our recent website designs for Daniel Adams, Akua Dixon, and Nina Feric check these boxes and more.

Daniel Adams

Adams’ music receives performances around the world, from the United States to Spain, South Korea, and beyond. His new artist website, designed by PARMA, carries recordings and videos of his music, recent news and reviews, and upcoming performance information.

Adams is a composer, author, and educator whose output spans many compositions and published works on topics related to 20th Century percussion music, music pedagogy, and the music of Texas. Dive into his new artist website to learn more.

Akua Dixon

Akua Dixon is a composer, cellist, educator, multi-laureate of the National Endowment for the Arts in composition and performance, and considered “amongst the treasures of contemporary jazz.” With a diverse list of talents and multiple accolades to boot, a website serves as the perfect vessel to amplify Dixon’s artistic identity.

Presenting performance videos, a full catalog of recorded works, and an interactive webstore housing her acclaimed compositions, Dixon’s website showcases her impressive artistry all in one place.

Nina Feric

As an accomplished educator, language expert, and composer with many renowned compositions to her name, Nina Feric creates music that is deeply in tune with life and art. Her new website will host many of the same features as Adams’ and Dixon’s, but with a presentation that’s representative of her personality and artistic footprint.

Here’s a sneak peak at the site, which will launch later this year.

Putting Things in Motion

For years we’ve seen the positive effect that an album cover has on both listeners and the music within. We turned up the dial and put our art into motion with animated covers.

Now supported by streaming platforms like Apple Music, animated covers are a vital asset to artists, helping them stand out from the crowd with a boost of flair and originality.

Jeffrey Hall’s Earmovie II

Music videos are a multi-dimensional experience, and when animation comes into the mix, the possibilities are endless. Our recent work with “The Temple of Oblivion” from composer Jeffrey Hall’s Earmovie II visually fuses the electronic and natural influences that make the piece unique.

John Wineglass’ The Toy Factory

In the case of The Toy Factory by Emmy Award-winning composer John Wineglass, animation helped the PARMA Creative team to emulate the fantastical nature of Santa’s Christmas Eve excursions and the mystical creatures he encounters along the way.

Lights, Camera, Action

Nothing beats the thrill of seeing a piece performed by real musicians. With today’s high definition video footage that mirrors reality, this sought-after experience is at our fingertips in living color, 24/7.


The recently released PLAYING ON THE EDGE 3 from Navona Records holds a special feature, an Apple Music exclusive visual component that presents live action footage of the Sirius Quartet performing the challenging and vibrant works of several contemporary composers.

Watch a preview:

Experience the full visual album on Apple Music.

Carl Vollrath’s Bellingrath Gardens

Mobile AL’s “Bellingrath Gardens” and its picturesque views are a major inspiration for Carl Vollrath, so much so that he composed a full orchestral work in its honor and had the piece recorded by PARMA and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. As the project evolved, Vollrath came to the realization that the music would be more impactful when accompanied by moving imagery.

The PARMA Creative team captured original artistic footage, drone-capture aerial views from the 65-acre public garden, and inside looks at the RSNO’s performance of the piece for inclusion in the multimedia production, which is now available to view now via our Youtube channel.

Wide Reaching Digital Marketing

There’s a certain love for the projects we work on, both from our artists and ourselves. It’s only right that we’d want to share them with the world. Our efforts and capabilities in digital marketing expand and adapt every day with custom-built campaigns and strategies that ensure projects reach audiences worldwide and shine in the best possible light. 

Recently we’ve reached audiences on a global scale through these campaigns and more.

  • META Based Ad Campaigns to drive website traffic

  • META Based Ad Campaigns to help spread our client’s project awareness

  • META Engagement Based Ad Campaign bringing attention to streaming audio

  • Custom YouTube Video Campaigns driving video viewership and reach

  • Google Ad Campaigns generating large scale exposure through strategic targeting

Ready to experience more?