This inaugural season of PARMA Recordings’ China Tours has been a formative experience for all artists involved. Not knowing what to expect from their first time in the nation, each artist came away with their own individual stories. Each story, however, had a few things in common: the warm reception they were met with in China, the connections they made with a culture vastly different from their own, and artistic inspiration found in both the people and places they encountered along the way. This was entirely the case for Lindsey Goodman and the Leviathan Trio, who toured China in September 2018.

PARMA recently had the chance to speak with Lindsey about her experience on tour with cellist Hannah Pressley and pianist Joseph Dangerfield. Already back in the swing of things in the States, Lindsey took time out of her busy performance schedule to share her impressions from the tour. We covered how the performers felt seeing themselves on billboards and larger-than-life posters, interactions with the next (adorably stylish) generation of flutists in China, and Lindsey’s most memorable takeaways from the tour.  Take a listen below to hear the story:

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Thank you Lindsey and the Leviathan Trio for sharing your stories with us!


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