Hot, hazy evenings, coastal breezes carrying cooling air tinged with the scent of sea salt – what could be better? Whether you’re near the beach or traveling to imaginary coasts from the comfort of your balcony, we’ve got the perfect soundtrack for you. From soft and soothing classical numbers to rousing rhythms and uplifting harmonies, this music will carry you through your summertime activities no matter where you are or what you’re up to.

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A Spark and a Glimmer
Lauren McCall

AMPLIFY’s A Spark and a Glimmer by composer Lauren McCall was influenced by visual artist Alison Saar’s sculpture Summer, which was part of a larger installation inspired by the Greek myth of Persephone, titled Feallan and Fallow. Summer depicts Persephone’s mother Demeter, who is pregnant with fireflies, representing fertility and the blooming fruit of summer.

“The specific feelings I would want listeners to have is of wonder, adventure, and thinking about the beauty of fireflies, and the changing of seasons.”

Composer Lauren McCall



The works of five contemporary composers are brought to light on AMPLIFY, each infused with recollections of stories, cities, and movements that have made an impact along the artists’ journey.

John Mitchell

Performed by the award winning Benda Quartet, Summer is a tonally warm composition joining the carefree nature of the season with excitement and opportunity for the growth it brings. It feels regal and luxurious, eased with a relaxed opening statement before quickly introducing the thrill of summertime ambience.



Just as each season brings its own sensations and expressions, so does composer John Mitchell’s SEASONS from Navona Records, all conjured from a dynamic and expressive string quartet performance.

Coastal Rhapsody
Georges Raillard

Coastal Rhapsody is a single-movement work that is episodic yet integrated, free-flowing in structure, and performed here by guitarist David William Ross The piece has a cheerful, easy-going, jaunty character. Composer Georges Raillard associates it with summer, sunny weather, blue skies, pleasant temperatures, and in his case, the seaside and salty air, since he usually spends part of the summer in Southwestern Spain on the Atlantic coast.



On FADING SOUNDS, composer Georges Raillard turns a creative eye towards the simple wonders of the world with a deep appreciation for the fleetingness of each moment.

Waiting for Sunrise on the Sound
Anthony Iannaccone

Described by The Virginia Pilot as a work of “wide emotional range with powerful drama,” Anthony Iannaccone’s Waiting for Sunrise on the Sound is a dream-like recollection of sudden summer storms and rough seas that quickly turned into dangerous expeditions. Iannaccone conjures a latent tension between soothing string harmonies and sharp-edged wind dissonance in this work, a dynamic effect performed masterfully by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

Iannaccone shared with us imagery from the dreams that inspired this work:

“Only the rising sun could quell the violent surges of the sea. At the moment when the fate of the boat and pilot seemed doomed to drowning in the murky depths of the sound, the sun would begin to break through thick mist and the ocean would subside. As the day-star rose above the eastern horizon the mist disappeared and the water sparkled gently with reflections of the sun.”

Composer Anthony Iannaccone



LOOKING BACK, MOVING ON from Anthony Iannaccone delivers spirited, imaginative, and formidable displays of American verve across two symphonies, tone poems, and a Concertante for Clarinet and Orchestra.

Summer has only just begun, and we’re looking forward to a number of new works releasing in the coming months that evoke the characteristics of the season. Stay on the lookout for saxophonist Matt Dacso’s upcoming Ansonica Records album AT LAST MO LAPENG, a collection of bright and invigorating tunes that perfectly compliment the easy-going energy of summer.



Available to stream from Ansonica Records June 23, 2023

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