This week we are proud to bring you a slate of three albums and a single release from Navona and Ravello Records including cutting-edge solo and chamber music, a multi-artist album that packs a powerful punch, and an unchoreographed dance between woodwinds and electronic interfaces.

Dive in and discover new music from: Dr. Andre’ E. Godsey Sr., Paul Osterfield, Miguel Matamoro, Eric Simonson, Michael G. Cunningham, José Antonio Zayas Cabán, Jeff Morris, and Mark John McEncroe.

Dimensions Vol 3 - Album Cover


Dr. Andre’ E. Godsey, Sr., Paul Osterfield, Miguel Matamoro, Eric Simonson, and Michael G. Cunningham

The third installment in Navona Records’ series for orchestra is here: DIMENSIONS VOL 3, featuring the work of contemporary composers Michael G. Cunningham, Andre’ Godsey, Miguel Matamoro, Paul Osterfield, and Eric Simonson. Harnessing the power of a concert hall full of virtuosos performing original compositions from today’s composers, DIMENSIONS VOL 3 packs a powerful punch.‌

Centennial-José Antonio Zayas Cabán - Album Cover


José Antonio Zayas Cabán

New from Navona Records is saxophonist José Antonio Zayas Cabán’s CENTENNIAL, an album of cutting-edge solo and chamber music reflecting on the shortcomings of the 19th Amendment during its 100-year anniversary. Rather than celebrating, this album urges listeners to recognize the significant work that remains in achieving global equality.

Close Reeding-Jeff Morris - Album Cover


Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris presents his fourth Ravello Records release, this one focusing on woodwinds and employing his characteristic live sampling and electronics. CLOSE REEDING is the latest since HEARING VOICES, an album which set its sights on the most fundamentally-human musical instrument: the human voice. Now, Morris turns his attention to woodwind instruments, which he terms the “next most human” family of instruments. By way of digital manipulation and live improvisation, Morris gives this thesis a convincing exposition.


Musical Images for Piano - Album Cover


Mark John McEncroe

Performed by pianist Van-Anh Nguyen, Storm Clouds Approaching is the fourth single from REFLECTIONS AND RECOLLECTIONS VOL. 3 from Australian composer Mark John McEncroe. Look for the full album September 25th.