For many, the word “fall” is synonymous with chilly temperatures, sitting by the fireplace under warm blankets with a cup of tea or cocoa, and the foliage transforming into vibrant shades. Here at PARMA’s headquarters in New England, fall is an especially beautiful, albeit dark and cold, time of year, and we got into the spirit of the season with some of our favorite autumn pieces from past and present.

We found that autumn has a lot to offer for musical inspiration. Dive into this fresh musical leaf pile and see where it takes you!

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II. The name — of it — is “Autumn” – PREACH SISTER PREACH
Evan Williams

Standing amongst a group of poems by Emily Dickinson set to music, The name — of it — is Autumn depicts the reddening hills of the fall season on its surface, but when analysed closely, provides commentary on the bloodshed of the Civil War. With music composed by Evan Williams, soprano Katherine Jolly and pianist Emily Yap Chua breathe fresh life into the poem, recreating the same world of possibility Dickinson conjured with words.

“PREACH SISTER, PREACH is a timely work, reminding us of our multifaceted power as women… and it is so much fun to perform.”

Katherine Jolly

Katherine Jolly - Promo Photo

The Inside Story: Katherine Jolly and PREACH SISTER, PREACH


Un Dia de Noviembre – AMOR FATI 
Leo Brouwer

Written by Leo Brouwer and performed by guitarist David William Ross, Un Dia de Noviembre is a programmatic piece from a film of the same name. This piece contrasts the album’s opening springtime piece, with a wistful repeating melody evoking the introspection and solemnity one finds beside a fireplace in the thick of a chilly November.

“Listening to this album or any musical work must occur in time and be released upon its ending. It is sound only, waves of air passing into your ears, a sensual experience of the body. I hope the music my audience hears will inspire that letting go and encourage the releasing of the cognitive, and that it will cultivate awareness and presence.”

The Inside Story: David Ross and AMOR FATI


The Autumn Song – STILL LIFE
Stephen Goss

Commissioned by Natalie Clein and Xuefei Yang, Stephen Goss’s The Autumn Song is based on the various ancient Chinese poems and stories about the parting of lovers. Performed by cellist Kimberly Patterson and guitarist Patrick Sutton, the duo captures the melancholic character of loss. In particular, the quality of ambiguity caused by the fact that neither lover knows if the loss is temporary or permanent.

“Patrick and I are always pushing our craft and this album was an incredible collaboration between Steve Goss, the Clyfford Still Museum and our duo. We worked hard to interpret the pieces in a very personal way and I think the album reflects that.”

Kimberly Patterson

The Inside Story: Patterson/Sutton Duo and STILL LIFE


The Priestess of Morphine: No. 5, The Harvest Song – THE PRIESTESS OF MORPHINE
Rosśa Crean

The Harvest Song from Rosśa Crean comes from the translated poetry of Marie-Madeleine (Gertrud Günter), a talented wordsmith who defied the Nazis at every turn while they were in power. The text this work is based on represents the poet’s double life merging into one and shedding the veil, realizing that petals must fall for new ones to bloom brighter in the future.

“When I write and perform, I get to put a piece of my mind and perspective out there into the world, and over the years I have found collaborators and listeners who have related to the topics I cover, and that is what keeps me moving forward.”

Rossa Crean

The Inside Story: Rosśa Crean and THE PRIESTESS OF MORPHINE


Autumn Song – I AM NOT A VIRUS
Jordan VanHemert

Written as a depiction of the trees outside of his Hope College office, Jordan VanHemert’s Autumn Song explores the dichotomy between the season’s picturesque beauty and the solemn nature of its leaves preparing to lay dormant for the months ahead. Noted jazz journalist and historian Scott Yanow praised this piece, stating that “it could eventually become a standard.”

“I would love to spend some time creating in Korea. Being around the beautiful mountains and immersed in the rich cultural landscape would be something truly special.”

Jordan VanHemert I Am Not A Virus

The Inside Story: Jordan VanHemert and I AM NOT A VIRUS


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