A few months back we told you about the things we do for love – pro bono educational and consulting services for students, artists, working musicians, and industry professionals who need help and don’t know where to turn during these tough times.

As we navigate the turn of a new year with all of its new beginnings, PARMA remains committed to supporting artists and the arts, and is extending these pro bono seminar offerings through the end of the 2021 school year.

The seminars are designed to help attendees gain perspective and a real-world understanding of the intersection of art and business through the lens of our award-winning international team. Topics covered in these educational sessions include entrepreneurship, management, recording tips and tricks, design, publicity, marketing, how to navigate the pandemic, and more.

Since kicking off our seminar program, we’ve held online events in classrooms from Boston to Florida to Malaysia and beyond, and connected with hundreds of students, educators, and aspiring music professionals.

“This was a great talk for my students, and for myself as well. So many helpful things to always keep in mind, and like I said, I could just check off all of the things I was guilty of too.”
– Kevin Wilt (Faculty, Florida Atlantic University)

“I really appreciated your great influence on our students. I look forward to any opportunities to collaborate with you in the future!”
– Hideki Isoda (Faculty, Texas Tech University School of Music)

“Thank you so much for talking with my students! This was a huge help, especially because (1) COVID and (2) they really need more of a holistic business perspective in their musical creations.”
– Jennifer Jolley (Faculty, Texas Tech University School of Music)

If you or someone you know in the musical field is in need of advice and assistance, would like to attend a public session, or wish to have us as a guest in your virtual classroom, please contact info@parmarecordings.com and we’ll get back to you promptly.