This New Music Friday, Navona Records presents works for cello that explore the outer reaches of the instrument’s capability, an homage to the Czech Republic, notoriously challenging piano pieces, and more.

Dive in and discover new music from: Lydia Jane Pugh, George Holloway, Ben Yee-Paulson, Jonathan Chenette, Elizabeth Start, Thomas Mesa, Yoon Lee, BRNO Contemporary Orchestra, Dmitry Ishkhanov, Paul Paccione, and Kristina Marinova.

MY COUNTRY - Album Cover


Brno Contemporary Orchestra

Bedřich Smetana’s Má vlast is a cornerstone of the Czech Republic’s musical culture, heard in everything from celebrations and funerals to advertisements and fireworks shows. Six composers pay homage to their country and Smetana’s symphonic poems, reimagining each piece with their individual styles. Navigated by The Brno Contemporary Orchestra, smoky cabarets, tangos, and alien attacks are united with ease. 

4 RHAPSODIES - Kristina Marinova - Album Cover


Kristina Marinova

4 RHAPSODIES from critically-acclaimed pianist Kristina Marinova is a collection of vibrant and technically demanding masterworks for solo piano. Rarely performed in concert, Ernst von Dohnányi’s Four Rhapsodies op. 11 is present with stark drama and dazzling virtuosic passages to be enjoyed by listeners everywhere, alongside works from Astor Piazzolla, Franz Liszt, and George Gershwin.

VIRTUOSO - Dmitry Ishkhanov - Album Cover


Dmitry Ishkhanov

Piano prodigy Dmitry Ishkhanov performs a fresh iteration of Frederic Chopin’s most challenging repertoire with integrity and finesse in VIRTUOSO from Navona Records. Ishkhanov approaches these works with Chopin’s intentions in mind, conjuring a smooth singing voice from the piano in contrast to the instrument’s percussive nature. 

Division of Memory - Album Cover


Lydia Jane Pugh, George Holloway, Ben Yee-Paulson, Jonathan Chenette, Elizabeth Start, Thomas Mesa, Yoon Lee

DIVISION OF MEMORY, performed expertly by cellist Thomas Mesa accompanied by Yoon Lee, showcases distinct compositional personalities and repertoire dedicated to the cello’s multifaceted soundscape. Enjoy music inspired by traditional Paiute Indian melodies, Asian bowed string instruments, traditional fiddle playing, and more. 

MUSIC FOR PIANO - Paul Paccione - Album Cover


Paul Paccione

Paul Paccione and Navona Records are pleased to present MUSIC FOR PIANO, a collection of solo piano pieces crafted to highlight and build upon noted pianist Jenny Perron’s unique gifts as a musician. The music moves freely among various shades of coloristic harmonies, with a through line of lyricism inviting listeners to contemplate the unique collaboration between composer and performer.