The Czech Republic has mandated a new government-imposed accessory, which is being embraced across the nation and now in the concert hall. In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect vulnerable citizens from asymptomatic carriers of the virus, the Czech government has required that everyone who leaves their home must don a facemask. The effort has been almost universally embraced across the Czech Republic, including at Reduta Concert Hall.

On April 1, Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra concertmaster Vít Mužík and pianist Lucie Kaucká entered the empty Reduta Concert Hall in Olomouc to perform a live-stream concert of classical and contemporary works. The masked musicians silently bowed to a setup of cameras and an invisible audience of live stream viewers from around the globe, before breaking through the walls of social isolation with song.

Live-stream concerts are being added to the PARMA Live Stage regularly, and we will continue recording sessions in the Czech Republic with small ensembles using all proper safety equipment and precautions. Through a dedication to safety and a willingness to adapt, making music can and will go on. 

Special thanks to Mužík, Kaucká, the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, and composers Lionel Sainsbury, Willem van Twillert for making this performance possible.

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