This New Music Friday, Navona Records is proud to present three new albums containing works for orchestra and large ensemble, viola and piano, and choir, which all thematically encapsulate concepts of reflection, justice, and change.

Dive in and discover new music from: Margaret Brandman, Beth Mehocic, Larry Wallach, Kamala Sankaram, Mel Mobley, Dr. Brian Latchem, Brett Deubner, and multiple GRAMMY Award winning ensemble The Crossing.

Polarities Vol. 2 - Various Artists - Album Cover


Margaret Brandman, Beth Mehocic, Larry Wallach, Kamala Sankaram, Mel Mobley, Dr. Brian Latchem

From yin and yang to public debate, much in the world revolves around opposing forces. POLARITIES VOL. 2, an album of new presentations in classical music, documents the intricacies of these forces, expressing the emotions, sensations, and scenes associated with the extreme ends of conversation and change.

Mother Earth - Brett Deubner - Album Cover


Brett Deubner, Allison Brewster Franzetti

MOTHER EARTH from celebrated violist Brett Deubner reflects humanity’s search for meaning in the midst of loss and mortal frailty. Born out of the strife of 2020, MOTHER EARTH expresses the angst and hope of this deeply challenging period through the language of music. Chant-like meditations, cathartic outpourings, and even a call to arms for environmental justice are only a few of the themes explored here. Deubner partners with pianist Allison Brewster-Franzetti for this deeply moving collection.

A Native Hill - The Crossing - Album Cover


Gavin Bryars, The Crossing, Donald Nally

Navona Records presents A NATIVE HILL from Philadelphia’s professional chamber choir, The Crossing. This monumental unaccompanied work is the result of a collaboration with composer Gavin Bryars, whose previous work for The Crossing won them their first of two recent GRAMMY awards. With intimate knowledge of the individual voices and art of each singer, Bryars capitalized on the group’s unique sound, personality, and esprit de corps. The album is full of rich, complex vocal textures, dense chromatic clusters, and moments of profound simplicity, offering an opportunity to reflect on life’s timeless questions.