A new year has begun at last, and with it we bring new music. This week, we’re proud to introduce the latest chamber music from an esteemed Australian composer and former Supreme Court judge, grand orchestral works, new Barber and Copland piano recordings, and newly digitized albums from the legendary “Mr. Music of Memphis,” as well as a symphonic poem.

Dive in and discover music from: George Palmer, Richard Fountain, John Robertson, Berl Olswanger, and Mark John McEncroe.

Breaking the Silence - Album Cover

Breaking the Silence

George Palmer

Navona Records proudly presents BREAKING THE SILENCE from legendary Australian composer George Palmer. The works featured on this new album draw inspiration from centuries-old poetry as well as the composer’s own life experience; Breaking the Silence unpacks a 17th-century pastoral haiku depicting a lone frog’s leap into a still pond, while Not Going Quietly is a touching tribute to a concert pianist whose life was cut short by a brain tumor.

American Ivory - Album Cover

American Ivory

Richard Fountain

For Richard Fountain, piano music is as American as apple pie and baseball. On AMERICAN IVORY, his debut album on Navona Records, the well-versed pianist celebrates the variety and vitality of American art music by performing a decades-spanning collection of works by time-honored and contemporary composers alike.

Symphonies No. 2 & 5 - Album Cover

Symphonies No. 4 & 5

John Robertson

In an age accustomed to three-minute pop songs being the norm, does the world need more full-length symphonies? Yes, says New Zealand Canadian John Robertson with his new release, SYMPHONY NO 4 & 5. Like their predecessors, these orchestral works make no sacrifices in terms of scale and style: they aim to be grand, aesthetic compositions, and are intended to be enjoyed as such.

Berl Olswanger at the Piano - Album Cover

Berl Olswanger at the Piano

Berl Olswanger

Big Round Records presents the first of three albums by “Mr. Music of Memphis,” Berl Olswanger, featuring tunes by Duke Ellington, Hoagy Carmichael, Cole Porter, and more. From pop standards and jazz ditties to good old-fashioned polka, pianist Berl Olswanger wrested command of just about every style.


Fanfare Suite - Album Cover

The Passing

Mark John McEncroe

Performed by the Sydney Scoring Orchestra, symphonic poem The Passing is a first peek at FANFARE SUITE from Australian composer Mark John McEncroe. Look for the full album January 22nd.