Promotion is the name of the game in the arts and entertainment industry, and while traditional advertising has always casted a wide net, digital advertisement can effectively and efficiently deliver your material to more focused, curated audiences. Read on to learn the ins and outs of digital advertisement through social media.

The Nuts and Bolts

Advertising through social media has quickly become part and parcel of the modern day promotional formula, and rightfully so. With billions of people around the world accessing social networks every second, placing your chips into the proverbial digital pot is a great way to reach a wider audience. As a creator, marketing your work through social media poses a number useful insights:

  • How different audiences engage with your work

  • Where your project is being seen and heard

  • Which gender and age groups gravitate towards your style

  • Which pieces audiences are more engaged with

  • How much traffic was driven to a destination

Advertisements work best when there are a plethora of paths for the viewer to take. A well-crafted ad harnesses the potential to ignite growth on any one project with custom headlines and calls-to-action that guide traffic to any destination you desire: your website, videos, streaming services, or social media channels.

Strong imagery and clear, concise wording are the most effective components in interrupting an endless stream of scrolling. When working with digital ads, PARMA leverages the power of visual media to create an eye-catching product that invites viewers to learn more.

In the case of the 2021 Piazzolla Music Competition, PARMA helped craft a Facebook page with custom video ads that linked directly to a website where artists could submit their work through a safe and tailored submission form. Combining the power of high value A/V production, strategically targeted promotion, and an unmistakable brand identity, the Piazzolla Facebook page currently enjoys more than 20,000 followers to date.

PARMA utilizes a number of different mediums when crafting custom advertisements for social media usage, each unique yet simultaneously optimized for multiple platforms.

Measuring Engagement

Billboard-type advertisements are omnipresent in the ‘real’ world, but taking the technique to high-traffic social media opens the doors to a world of otherwise irretrievable data. You can’t track how many views a billboard has, but real-time ad tracking on social media provides an instant report of an ad’s effectiveness that will help fine tune your strategy and provide direction through the data.

Putting Things in Motion

Adding a little movement and breath to an advertisement can really make it pop in the sea of static images that span our social networks. Supported by a variety of platforms from Facebook to Instagram and Tik Tok, animated advertisements prove to be useful in both their versatility and effectiveness. Recently, PARMA has been crafting animated versions of album covers, designed with dimension and flair to draw the eye and pull the audience closer.

Video Productions

Video ads proved to be a valuable asset for PARMA when working on Stuart Weber’s Ravello Records album PIECES OF ROAD, ​​a full record-and-release project of sophisticated folk and classical guitar music. Video promotion played a large role in the journey of Weber’s project, complete with documentary shorts and a cinematic look of recording sessions at Oktaven Audio, a video that quickly garnered over 100,000 views following its release.

A recent digital report from Hootsuite shows a total of 4.62 billion people around the world using social media, a little over half of the total global population. With more people tapping into social networks daily, now is the perfect time to make the most of its rapidly growing user base and intuitive features, and share your project with the world.

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