photo: Flutist Lindsey Goodman records upcoming album at Fraser Performance Studio in Boston MA

The PARMA production team escaped frigid February temperatures this month in studios from Boston to New York to Prague, recording a variety of works for soloists, chamber ensembles, and orchestras. Read on for details on our latest productions, updates on past and current Featured Recording Opportunities, and more.

Belfiato Quintet Records the Works of Ferdinando DeSena

The team kicked off its February engagements in Prague’s Korunní Street Chapel with the Belfiato Quintet, who were set up to record composer Ferdinando DeSena’s piece Rebound. The piece will be featured in an upcoming visual album from Navona Records, to be released in stereo and Dolby Atmos immersive audio formats.

Watch a preview of our upcoming visual album with the Benda Quartet, QUADRANTS VOL 5.


Featured Recording Opportunity


A unique offering for your music to shine in both audio and video: PARMA Recordings is pleased to present an exclusive Featured Recording Opportunity with the celebrated Belfiato Quintet.

Recording Begins for Lindsey Goodman’s Featured Recording Opportunity

Mid month brought several members of the production team to the Northeastern United States to begin recording music selected for Lindsey Goodman’s upcoming album of flute works. The works of several contemporary composers, many of them PARMA Artists, were recorded by Goodman, who was joined by pianist Clare Longendyke on select works.

From left: Brad Michel, Heidi Jacob, Clare Longendyke, Lindsey Goodman and Jan Košulič

“Masterful music invites performers to accept and rise to all challenges,” said Goodman, following her sessions at Boston’s Fraser Performance Studio. She notes the dynamic, evocative, and vivid aspects of each composers’ works from the session and their ability to call upon the performer to “not only display technical prowess, but an ability to communicate and elicit extreme emotions in the listener.”

“Capturing this lightning in a bottle within the sacrosanct setting of a recording studio was a thrilling experience,” said Goodman.

Now that sessions have concluded, Goodman is looking ahead to the future release and what listeners may find within it.

“I hope that, in this release, fellow flutists find a favorite new work for their repertoire, that composers find inspiration for their next great flute pieces, and that music lovers of all ilks are inspired to continue exploring the marvelous music being made by living American composers.” 

Goodman documented much of her in-session experiences through her social media channels. Find her social media and learn more about her works on her Navona Records artist page.

Lindsey Goodman

Lindsey Goodman

A committed advocate for living composers and electroacoustic music, Goodman “appears to know no fear in tackling the most demanding music” (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) and is an active commissioner of new works with 155 world premieres to her credit.

More Recordings with Milton Laufer

Following the first round of sessions last fall, production for Milton Laufer’s upcoming release with the Syracuse University Wind Ensemble concluded this month, wrapping up with recordings of George Gerschwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and Natalie Draper’s Energy and Light. Recorded in Syracuse NY’s Goldstein Auditorium, the project will commemorate the lives of those Syracuse students lost in the Lockerbie bombing in April 1990.

Patrick Brill in Pardubice

February sessions ended overseas in the Czech Republic, where the production team met with The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra in Pardubice to record composer Patrick Brill’s Royal Coronation Overture. 

Brill’s piece highlights the grandeur of the organ in an orchestral setting and was recorded on a Rieger-Kloss, the same instrument used in Christopher J. Hoh‘s recording of Concertino Corona on HEAVY PEDAL VOL. 2 from Navona Records.

A preview of Brill’s piece can be heard on his youtube channel.