Featured Recording Opportunity: Concerti!

Submission deadline: June 17, 2022

PARMA Recordings presents a classical recording opportunity for Concertos featuring soloists and ensembles of various sizes and orchestrations. Scores will receive production and high-fidelity audio, with PARMA’s Dolby Atmos mixing services available.

Recording Services

Recording with soloist and full symphony orchestra, chamber orchestras, or chamber ensemble.

Recording Services

PARMA’s Session Team will make detailed recommendations on pairings of pieces and performers, drawn from our longtime collaborators and predicated on each composition’s individual needs. You may also bring your own soloist or perform yourself.

Audio Post Production

Option for Dolby Atmos immersive audio mixing/mastering available. This is the Recording Academy category in which one of our releases won a GRAMMY this year:

Video Services

Option for multi-camera performance capture and/or documentary video production available.

Examples of our work for soloist and ensemble:

Short documentary on composer Michael Murray and his PASSAGES album

Tributum: For Celtic Bagpipes & Orchestra
Nan Avant, composer

Violin Concerto
Alicia Terzian, composer

Piano Concerto
Robert DeGaetano, pianist/composer

“Working with PARMA Recordings was a dream come true. I am forever grateful for everybody involved in making this recording a reality.”

– Ben Marino, composer
“All of [PARMA’s] efforts to make the recordings come together on such a tight deadline are hugely appreciated. Very glad I was pointed in your direction.”
– Zak Engel, composer
“The orchestra performed at a fantastic level, and we were both astounded by the efficiency of the session as a whole and would like to sincerely thank all involved.”
– Dinah Bianchi, composer


Please note before submitting: This opportunity requires funding/budget to be secured by or on behalf of the artists of approved pieces. Artists will retain full ownership of their resulting masters and maintain full control of the artistic direction of the project. Costs are determined based on approved pieces of music as assessed by our A&R and Production Departments as well as the ensembles and performers involved. PARMA’s team is available to assist with planning, approvals, and outward-facing documentation to assist toward the generation of project funding for approved pieces.

The deadline for all submissions is JUNE 17, 2022.

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