Chamber Orchestra: Brno Contemporary Orchestra

Featured Recording Opportunity Chamber Orchestra

Due to the popularity of our previous sessions with the BCO, we are pleased to publicly open availability to record with this forward-thinking contemporary ensemble in 2023. With limited sessions remaining (flexible session time starting at one hour), submit your score today for consideration and a quote to record. Recordings will be produced by PARMA’s award-winning team for release on Navona Records.

Audio Samples

MY COUNTRY, a cycle of symphonic poems after Bedřich Smetana
The Brno Contemporary Orchestra, led by conductor Pavel Šnajdr, and featuring violinist Milan Paľa, navigates the works of five contemporary Czech composers while isolated in different rooms of the Orlí Street Theater in Brno.
“I’m so very satisfied with this whole experience. … BCO were seriously devoted to the music – and on several occasions brought out more than I knew was there – thankfully going for takes beyond my point of satisfaction.. The sound … was exactly what I hoped for this recording.”
- Keith Lay, composer

Please note before submitting:

This opportunity requires funding/budget to be secured by or on behalf of the artists of approved pieces. Artists will retain full ownership of their resulting masters and maintain full control of the artistic direction of the project. Costs are determined based on approved pieces of music as assessed by our A&R and Production Departments as well as the ensembles and performers involved. PARMA’s team is available to assist with planning, approvals, and outward-facing documentation to assist toward the generation of project funding for approved pieces.

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