PARMA RECORDINGS works with performers and composers in a variety of contexts. One of the most interesting and exciting types of album release is the compilation album, where the works of multiple composers are presented alongside each other in one album and performed by one ensemble. A shining example in the company’s catalog is the MOTO series and its ensemble, Trio Casals. This project doesn’t end with the release of an album — rather, it takes one bold step further. Each recording is brought to life with a concert held at one of the most prestigious venues in America — Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall.

MOTO is carried by the dynamic ensemble Trio Casals, who are the “house band,” so to speak, for the series. Philadelphia-based Trio Casals is led by the outstanding cellist and conductor Ovidiu Marinescu, joined by the talents of violinist Sylvia Ahramjian and pianist Anna Kislitsyna. MOTO is a call-for-scores series by PARMA Recordings, where composers submit scores and the ensemble takes part in choosing each score for the collection. In this setup, the composer is not expected to fit his or her work into a mold, but rather each piece becomes a unique voice within the compilation context.

MOTO PERPETUO, released in 2013, kicked off this series and was met with positive feedback from featured composers all the way to reviewers such as Gramophone Magazine. The next few installments in the series were just as intriguing and complex, and just as impactful. From beauty in motion to dances in dissonance, the Trio delivers what the individual composer was envisioning: a unique look into movement in all its various states. Where this project gets exciting

is not only how, but where, it culminates. Each of the MOTO compilations concludes with a concert by Trio Casals, hosted in the elegant Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, one of the world’s most celebrated concert venues. Trio Casals has now performed three concerts for MOTO, with their sights on the next album and performance. At each performance, the composers on the album have the opportunity to not only see their work performed live, but on one of the most prestigious and historic stages in America.


“[MOTO PERPETUO] includes moments of rumination and brooding personality, qualities that suit the dark, sagacious timbre of the cello, amid episodes of rustic charm and extrovert vitality. It’s a highly eclectic mix of repertoire…. Marinescu teams with colleagues in chamber-music conversations of winsome and impassioned appeal.”

— Gramophone Magazine

“Trio Casals makes it all come alive with genuine artistry and superb interpretive skills. MOTO CONTINUO is a winner on all fronts. It should be heard by anyone interested in experiencing some of the latest superior chamber music from the modern zone. Encore!”

— Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

“Each of the ten composers brings an individual voice to the medium, making for a varied and satisfying program. The playing is convincing and committed throughout.”

— The Whole Note on MOTO BELLO

“I was so happy with our recording session for Lines, Hockets, and Riffs. The trio clearly understood the music. These sessions tend to be nerve-wracking for me, since what I had control over is no longer under my control. But in fact the session was a pleasure.”

— Composer Sidney Bailin on Trio Casals and MOTO BELLO

“The recording process for Ondine was top notch…. With regards to the Trio, I can’t say enough good things about their attitude, professionalism and devotion to the music. These types of artist are the reason why I enjoy what I do so much. Congrats on assembling a star team!”

— Composer Giovanni Piacentini on PARMA, Trio Casals, and MOTO BELLO

“Many thanks to Trio Casals, Ovidiu Marinescu & Anna Kislitsyna, Bob Lord, & everyone at PARMA for making this event happen. It was a wonderful evening and I was honored to be a part of it.”

— Composer Bruce Babcock on the May 2018 performance of MOTO BELLO at Weill Recital Hall