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The Brno Contemporary Orchestra, led by conductor Pavel Šnajdr, and featuring violinist Milan Paľa, will navigate the works of five contemporary Czech composers while isolated in different rooms of the Orlí Street Theater in Brno.

Event produced by the Brno Contemporary Orchestra, PARMA Recordings, and the Academy of Music in Brno. Location: Orlí Street Theater, Brno, Czech Republic

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Peter Graham
Il Sogno, for flute, violin and piano (1979)

Miroslav Toth
Pozdravy trúfalým časom (2020) world premiere

Michal Wróbelski
How to avoid mental breakdown (2020) world premiere

František Chaloupka
Mount.(never) rests (2010)

Pavel Zlámal
Avšak, hudba pro rozprášený orchestr (2020) world premiere

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