Working with composers in the 21st Century puts one around inspiring places and people. We’ve witnessed this firsthand through the results of our dozens of Calls for Scores initiatives over the years. PARMA’s Call for Scores has brought artists from a range of backgrounds together on albums and concert programs. The collections of ideas, sounds, and genres have all resulted in final projects that speak to one truth: there is room for innovation and setting new standards in today’s compositional world.

The MOTO Series

“I believe that I have found kindred musical spirits in Trio Casals and am so grateful to PARMA for putting us together.  Looking forward to more projects with them in the future.” – Joanna Estelle (MOTO CELESTE)

MOTO CELESTE - album promotional video

PARMA’s most long-standing recording series, MOTO, has brought over three dozen composers together across five albums. Beginning with 2013’s MOTO PERPETUO featuring cellist Ovidiu Marinescu, violinist Sylvia Ahramjian, and a selection of other chamber instruments, the series blossomed into a collection of works that are sometimes tonal and classic, other times jolting and genre-bending, and with topics ranging from scenes in a French town at sundown to questioning whether a note will resolve up, down, or at all. Since MOTO PERPETUO, the series has brought on pianist Anna Kislitsyna with Ovidiu to make up Trio Casals. Now, each MOTO project culminates in a Carnegie Hall performance, and the series has seen artists return time and time again to work with Trio Casals.

“[The Carnegie Hall performance] was really something I won’t forget, and I thank everyone at PARMA and Trio Casals for everything!” – Mathew Fuerst (MOTO QUARTO)


Sounds of String Quartet

Navona Records’ QUADRANTS series highlights the new and exciting things composers are doing in the genre of string quartet. July 2019 saw the third installment in the series, QUADRANTS VOL. 3, come to life, with the help of Altius Quartet and eight composers, each of the latter taking a unique approach to writing for quartet. Gramophone recognized the album for its “precise and clear” sound.

Altius recording session

September 2019’s PLAYING ON THE EDGE, a collection featuring Sirius Quartet that flowed from an initial Call for Scores with Altius Quartet, captures a full spectrum of artist backgrounds and experiences. On one hand, composer Marga Richter has been recognized worldwide for her output since the early 1950s. On the other hand, PLAYING ON THE EDGE was the first album release experience for composer Ian Erickson.

“This entire experience was extremely positive…. I am beyond honored to have been a part of this project and presented alongside this group of talented composers. Truly a huge thank you to everyone at PARMA for providing me with this opportunity.” – Ian Erickson


Also featuring the talents and innovations of Japanese composer and cellist Mari Tamaki and American composers Brian Field and Jennifer Castellano, PLAYING ON THE EDGE garnered praise from sources including Gramophone (“Fine performances, fine sound all round”), and remains a popular member of the Navona catalog.


January 2020 kicked off with the release of one of Navona’s latest Call for Scores albums: ETEREO, an album of flute music performed by Lindsey Goodman. Lindsey, who previously released her own album RETURNING TO HEIGHTS UNSEEN as a PARMA Artist, was selected as a Call for Scores featured performer.

Lindsey Goodman - flute

Eight composers, from returning PARMA artists Bruce Babcock and Alla Elana Cohen to new faces, brought an original collection of styles to the table: bebop for Josh OXford, Webern for Jason Taurins, and James Brown for Jennifer Jolley, to name a few. In only a few short weeks, ETEREO gained attention from large-scale press, including The Flute View who stated “[Goodman’s] world class collaborators and composers make for an enthralling album of new works for flute.”

Etereo New Music for Flute, Album Cover Art

Up Next

The momentum doesn’t stop: the PARMA Winter/Spring 2020 Concert Season sees MOTO CELESTE at Carnegie, Thomas Mesa’s DIVISION OF MEMORY (Winter 2019 Call for Scores) at The DiMenna Center’s Cary Hall, and more on the horizon. New projects are about to have their beginnings with the Winter 2020 Call for Scores, and we can’t wait to work with old friends while also meeting new artists and experiencing new sounds and ideas.


In addition to the previously mentioned albums, explore a selection of albums resulting from past Call for Scores: