This week, we’re proud to bring you a slate of five albums and a single from Navona and Ravello Records that includes solemn and celebratory violin and piano duets, colorful piano pieces, and a multidimensional soundscape of classic American films and video games.

Dive in and discover new music from: Dieter Flury, John Bilotta, Mari Kotskyy, Carl Vollrath, Marvin J. Carlton, Andrew Lewinter, Allen Brings, Kenneth Eggert, Charles Savage, Véronique Mathieu, Jasmin Arakawa, Liza Stepanova, The United States Army Field BandMatthew Burtner, and Mark John McEncroe.

AERO - Dieter Flury - Album Cover


John Bilotta, Mari Kotskyy, Marvin J. Carlton, Andrew Lewinter, Allen Brings, Kenneth Eggert, Charles Savage, Dieter Flury

On AERO, flutist Dieter Flury puts decades of study and a handmade golden flute by Yamaha to work to breathe life into works by contemporary composers and spark the imaginations of listeners.

CORTÈGE- Véronique Mathieu and Jasmin Arakawa - Album Cover


Véronique Mathieu and Jasmin Arakawa

Violinist Véronique Mathieu and pianist Jasmin Arakawa present Navona Records’ CORTÈGE. While the name cortège, or “solemn procession,” is a term usually used to describe a funeral procession, Mathieu and Arakawa balance the solemn and the celebratory in this sensitive, dynamic performance.

E Pluribus Unum- Liza Stepanova - Album Cover


Liza Stepanova

Navona Records presents E PLURIBUS UNUM, an album of solo piano works performed by internationally acclaimed pianist Liza Stepanova, praised by The New York Times for her “thoughtful musicality” and “fleet-fingered panache.” It features recordings of eight renowned composers including Lera Auerbach, Anna Clyne, Gabriela Lena Frank, Kamran Ince, Pablo Ortiz, and world premiere recordings by Chaya Czernowin, Badie Khaleghan, and Eun Young Lee.

Soundtrack of the American Soldier -The United States Army Field Band - Album Cover


The United States Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus

Recorded at Skywalker Sound, SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER utilizes Dolby Atmos immersive audio to bring classic film and video game music to life. The U.S. Army Field Band presents music by John Williams, Irving Berlin, among other Hollywood greats, and in doing so celebrates the stories they portray and the men and women who inspired them.

Six Ecoacoustic Quintets/Avian Telemetry - Matthew Burtner - Album Cover


Matthew Burtner

Ravello Records is proud to release SIX ECOACOUSTIC QUINTETS / AVIAN TELEMETRY, the newest album from Matthew Burtner. In collaboration with Omar Carmenates, the Furman Percussion Ensemble, and the Shi Center for Sustainability, Burtner’s compositions incorporate avian biology, soundscape ecology, romantic-period British poetry, ecoacoustic music, and avant-garde percussion performance.


Musical Images for Piano- Mark John McEnroe-Van-Anh Nguyen - Album Cover


Mark John McEncroe

Performed by pianist Van-Anh Nguyen, Images of Times Past is the third single from REFLECTIONS AND RECOLLECTIONS VOL. 3 from Australian composer Mark John McEncroe. Look for the full album September 25th.