This week we are proud to share new releases from Ravello and Navona Records, including new choral music written specifically for the voices of GRAMMY Award winning ensemble The Crossing, contemporary orchestral works by the Janáček Philharmonic, expressive percussion performances, and the lead single to Eleanor Alberga’s forthcoming WILD BLUE YONDER.

Dive in and discover new music from: Alexis Alrich, William Copper, Kevin McCarter, Lawrence R. Mumford, Samantha Sack, Katherine Saxon, Anthony Wilson, Ralph Sorrentino, The Crossing, Gavin Bryars, and Eleanor Alberga.

PRISMA VOL. 5 - Various Artists - Album Cover


Lawrence R. Mumford, Kevin McCarter, Samantha Sack, Alexis Alrich, Anthony Wilson, Katherine Saxon, William Copper

Navona Records’ acclaimed PRISMA series continues with a fifth installment, again showcasing the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra’s riveting take on contemporary composition. With a focus on innovation and imaginative performance, the orchestra brings a breath of fresh air to a repertoire that’s all-too-often dominated by mainstream works.

LO & BEHOLD - Ralph Sorrentino - Album Cover


Ralph Sorrentino

On LO & BEHOLD, percussionist Ralph Sorrentino brings percussion instruments to the fore to highlight their versatility in solo and chamber music settings. Five pieces, from a variety of composers, highlight the moods, emotions, timbres, and textures that can be expressed by the instruments of the percussion family. The revelatory album introduces innovative compositions into the percussion repertoire, and the performers’ technical prowess yields a collection of engaging and musically sensitive performances.

A NATIVE HILL - The Crossing - Album Cover


Gavin Bryars, The Crossing

Navona Records presents A NATIVE HILL from Philadelphia’s professional chamber choir, The Crossing. This monumental unaccompanied work is the result of a collaboration with composer Gavin Bryars, whose previous work for The Crossing won them their first of two recent Grammy awards. With intimate knowledge of the individual voices and art of each singer, Bryars composed A NATIVE HILL to capitalize on the group’s unique sound, personality, and esprit de corps.




Eleanor Alberga

Performed by Richard Watkins and Ensemble Arcadiana, Shining Gate of Morpheus enters the realm of the mystical as the second single on WILD BLUE YONDER from composer Eleanor Alberga. Look for the full album April 23rd.