Photoe: Joseph Alessi and the University of Nevada Las Vegas Wind Orchestra led by conductor Tom Leslie | credit Benjamin Maas

It’s no secret that we love being in the studio. Whether we’re capturing cutting edge chamber music, full-fledged video productions, or a world premiere recording of a late legend’s final completed work, each moment has its own memorable tone. Read on for a look at our latest musical endeavors.

World Premiere Recordings

The production team kicked off this month’s endeavors in Las Vegas NV with a world premiere studio recording of late jazz legend Chick Corea’s Concerto for Trombone.

Performed by trombonist Joseph Alessi and the University of Nevada Las Vegas Wind Orchestra led by conductor Tom Leslie, the piece will be released on PARMA’s Navona Records label later this year alongside works by composers Jorge Machain and Hugo Montenegro.

“It’s a great honor for me to perform,” Alessi told music journalist Nahoko Gotoh in an interview with the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. Alessi went on to cite Corea as “one of the greatest musicians and composers on earth. What he wrote is not easy, but I think it sounds really terrific on the trombone.”

Read the full story of its inception in this article:

World Premiere Studio Recording of Chick Corea’s Concerto for Trombone

A/V Production with the Portland Symphony

On the other side of the United States, the team was gearing up to capture audio and video from the Portland Symphony Orchestra’s latest concert program. The full concert will be released as an album from Navona Records, with a live recording of one of the piece’s expected to debut in Summer 2023.

Seasonal Works with the Moravian Philharmonic

Recording session with the MFO in the Czech Republic

The latter half of April found the production team overseas in the Czech Republic, where sessions with the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra were underway. The orchestra, who’ve worked with PARMA over the course of 15 years, kicked things off with a new piece by composer Margaret Brandman titled Gentle Summer Rain, which will be released on a full album of works for large ensemble on Navona Records.

While in the Czech Republic, the team wrapped up recording for the next installment of DASHING with composer Daniel Powers’ Overture: Rejoice and Be Merry, a classically structured sonata-allegro form evoking the holiday spirit.

Recording Concludes for PARMA/Sphinx Album

The team concluded this month’s productions by recording the final set of pieces from composers Sebastian Quesada and Mario Oyanadel to be included in an upcoming album featuring cellist Thomas Mesa and pianist Michelle Cann, who were awarded a major Sphinx MPower grant last year.

As we gear up to march forward into the spring and summer months, we’re looking forward to a number of sessions with the Charleston String Quartet, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and live performances with Trio Casals at Carnegie Hall on May 5, 2023.