On January 18, 2021, we kicked off our first recording sessions of the year with our friends at Oktaven Audio outside of New York City. The task: record works for string quartet by longtime Navona composer Jan Järvlepp with NYC-based Sirius Quartet. Due to the long travel distance as well as health precautions, Jan attended the session remotely.

We’ve been conducting remote recording sessions for years, and particularly since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve gotten the system down to a science. A split-second science, to be exact. “During the session,” Jan Košulič (PARMA General Manager of Audio & Sessions) and Levi Brown (PARMA Recording Sessions Director) stated, “Jan collaborated with our team over an open conference call while listening to a real-time stream from the live room with a delay of only 0.1 seconds. He was able to speak directly to the ensemble through the studio’s talkback system. His voice was heard at the session, and all from the comfort of his home.”

Sirius did a fantastic job in every fast movement, thus creating the desired high voltage effect.” – Jan Järvlepp

By embracing the latest streaming and communication technology in our sessions, we facilitate truly real-time collaboration between the composer, producer, and ensemble, even if the composer is a country or continent away. Even if the entire group can’t physically meet for matters of health or convenience, we can still bring everyone into the room.