PARMA’s PrimaVista provides the opportunity to have your music read, analyzed, and performed by a professional ensemble and production team in an immersive, educational setting. Our program creates a relaxed environment where you can explore new musical ideas, demo your orchestrations, hear alternate versions of your concepts, vet score and parts in preparation for a studio recording, and gain insight into your craft that only an experienced, professional team can provide.


Every session includes at least one full run-through of the piece being workshopped, and you will receive audio files of the reading, the rehearsals, and the verbal consultation with the production team.









Each PrimaVista session lasts for one hour.  You will be connected to our ensemble using streaming audio and video conferencing software and will receive a direct, high-quality audio feed from the recording hall which will allow you to hear the music and speak with the production team in real time.


The ensemble gives the piece one full run-through at the start of the session (some rehearsal time may be necessary for more difficult works) and again at the conclusion of the session. Additional readings, either in full or excerpted, will occur as time allows.


After this first pass, you give our production team your feedback on the areas where you’d like the ensemble to focus, and the production team will give you its initial impressions, areas for potential technical improvements, feedback regarding content and presentation, and suggestions for potential revisions, alternate orchestrations, or on-the-fly changes to dynamics or articulations, for example.






In the meantime, the ensemble will be rehearsing based upon their questions and those of the conductor, and then our team then will relay the consolidated feedback to the ensemble and collect any remaining questions. After a few more minutes of ensemble rehearsal and experimentation, the ensemble will run through the piece again top to bottom for a final reading.


*Some pieces may require more preliminary rehearsal - our team will make a recommendation to you at the start of each session based on the specific needs of your piece.






After the session you will receive a recording of the full hour, including the reading(s) of the piece, discussion with the production team, and rehearsals. These recordings are suitable for all non-commercial uses such as demo reels, websites, grant applications, contest submissions, and all educational or personal uses. Please note: there is no option for PrimaVista recordings to be used in any commercial capacity.






  •   1 hour of studio time with staff producers and engineers


  •   Full reading(s) of your score by a professional ensemble


  •   Discussion with the production team regarding your piece and recommendations


  •   Audio recordings of the entire session



To schedule a PrimaVista session, contact primavista@parmarecordings.com or call 603.758.1718 x115.




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