The artists entrance at Carnegie Hall is somewhat imposing.  Along both walls are large photographs of artists who have graced the world’s most famous stage.  It’s impossible to not get a little nervous when you see Maria Callas staring down.  Two more steps and Ella Fitzgerald is standing beside you.  Suddenly you realize that you’re on the inside — not just a spectator watching from the audience — you’re backstage at Carnegie Hall. 

Things just got real.  Very real.


This past Saturday PARMA Recordings presented MOTO BELLO — the third album recorded and performed by Trio Casals as part of Navona Records’ MOTO series. With all ten composers from the project in attendance, the performance was an exciting reunion of creative minds.


Composer Giovanni Piacentini after Trio Casal’s performance of his composition Ondine.

“This is a major milestone in my career” remarked composer L Peter Deutsch as his piece Ocean Air was performed.  The joy was echoed by all of the composers including Diane Jones and Bruce Babcock as they shared a moment together during intermission.


Composers Bruce Babcock and Diane Jones

At the conclusion of the performance, all composers were invited onstage.  The sense of camaraderie between Trio Casals and the composers was present not only in the performance, but in the hugs and smiles that followed.

Stay tuned for the next installment in the MOTO series coming soon!

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