Art can come in many different forms. An explorer and creator in nearly every one of these artistic pillars, Beth Mehocic carried a legacy in music, dance, education, visual art, and poetry that will live on and continue to inspire for years to come. Today, we reflect on her legacy, and the memories we shared with Mehocic during her artistic journey.

In addition to being a voracious composer, Mehocic stood on firm ground in the field of education, seamlessly weaving the various elements of art into a cohesive whole. Beginning in 1985 at the University of Las Vegas, Mehocic was instrumental in developing the school’s art programs for 36 years, serving as its composer-in-residence, music director, and one of the first full-time faculty members of the department of dance.

Having trained generations of dancers in music theory for dance, dance music literature, and dance history, Mehocic spent ample time honing her own skills as a composer during her life, writing over 100 works for orchestra, concert band, chamber and dance ensembles, theater, and film.

The Zagreb Festival Orchestra Recording Beth’s Tango Concerto

Mehocic’s compositions were heard worldwide during her lifetime, making their international debuts at festivals and competitions throughout Europe and Asia, and in several famous Las Vegas Hotels including The Mirage, Caesar’s Palace, and the Las Vegas Hilton. Two of her original dance poems eventually made their way to China in 2005, which were presented at the International Taishan Congress of Cultures and the 19th World Congress of Poets in Tai’an City, recieving a “Gold Medal in Innovation” award for digital poetry, dance, and music by the People’s Republic of China.

Proclaimed “Distinguished Composer” of the City of Las Vegas by Former Mayor Jan Laverty Jones, Mehocic published a large body of her works, several of which saw commercial release.

Her first Navona Records release came in 2018 with her piece Somewhere Between D and C#. A tone poem reflecting the concept of teetering on an edge of conflict and resolve, the recording was featured on MOTO BELLO and performed by the critically acclaimed Trio Casals.

MOTO BELLO - album cover


On MOTO BELLO, Trio Casals exists as the dynamic storyteller of each composer’s artistic statement, weaving each tale of beauty in motion with their own inspired story.

Mehocic’s music was further highlighted in a number of albums from Navona Records, receiving performances from high-caliber ensembles such as the Altius Quartet, the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, and more.

In 2019, her piece Picasso’s Flight on QUADRANTS VOL 3 soared onto streaming platforms worldwide. Complete with strings replicating the sounds of wings fluttering, the piece painted a personal portrait of her family’s African Gray parrot, a beautiful and intelligent bird that struggles with flight.

QUADRANTS VOL. 3 - album cover


Altius Quartet handles the works of eight composers with skill and flair, displaying both the broad scope of styles that the string quartet can produce while also highlighting the talents of each artist.

As a composer with various influences stretching across a broad artistic canvas, Mehocic seamlessly fused genres together, creating distinct sounds with her personal compositional footprint. Her Tango Concerto on POLARITIES VOL 2 merges the popular latin dance with classical conventions, authenticated by its use of the accordion and bandoneon.

POLARITIES VOL. 2 - album cover


POLARITIES VOL 2, an album of new presentations in classical music, documents the intricacies of opposing forces, expressing the emotions, sensations, and scenes associated with the extreme ends of conversation and change.

In celebration and remembrance of her life and extensive breadth of repertoire, THE COLLECTED WORKS OF BETH MEHOCIC is out this week on Navona Records, featuring these works and more.



The music of the late composer Beth Mehocic comes together as a fulfilling and enticing whole in this all encompassing album, merging the many corners and triumphs of her library with commissioned pieces, tone poems, and various styles colliding in celebration of her extensive breadth of repertoire.

From 36 years as an educator, to countless compositions and receipt of the first Performing Arts Fellowship in Music Composition from the State of Nevada, Mehocic led a fruitful and diverse life as an artist. As the originator of UNLV’s dance production and management degree track and creator of numerous works spanning multiple mediums, Mehocic leaves behind a legacy that will impact generations.