This week we are proud to bring you a slate of four albums from Navona Records including piano reductions of powerful orchestral works, the journey of a fish from the ocean, familiar and refreshing tonal chamber music, and a journey around the world.

Dive in and discover new music from: Mark John McEncroe, Quatra Duo, Craig Madden Morris, Shuying Li, and Four Corners Ensemble

Musical Images for Piano-Mark John McEnroe- Album Cover

Musical Images for Piano

Mark John McEncroe

MUSICAL IMAGES FOR PIANO: REFLECTIONS AND RECOLLECTIONS VOL. 3 is the latest continuation of composer Mark John McEncroe’s REFLECTIONS AND RECOLLECTIONS series with Navona Records. Many of the pieces featured on this album are reductions of McEncroe’s orchestral works, granting the listener fascinating insight into the mind of the composer. ‌

Chamber Music for Our Times-Craig Madden Morris - Album Cover

Chamber Music For Our Times

Craig Madden Morris

New from Navona Records and Craig Morris comes CHAMBER MUSIC FOR OUR TIMES, a stirring album of original chamber works. Following DREAMS, which was released in 2011 to critical acclaim, CHAMBER MUSIC FOR OUR TIMES is the work of a master craftsman with an ear for poignant lyricism. The album features four pieces, each of which exhaustively explores the colors and timbres available to the chamber ensembles.

Painted Music - Quatra Duo - Album Cover

Painted Music

Quatra Duo

Navona Records presents PAINTED MUSIC from Quatra Duo. This album of works for flute and guitar by four heralded contemporary composers unlocks the imaginative, expressive power of these beloved instruments.

World Map- Shuying Li - Album Cover

World Map

Shuying Li & Four Corners Ensemble

Throughout history, music has overcome culture and borders to bring people together through a universal language. Composer Shuying Li and Four Corners Ensemble present WORLD MAP, a collection of five mini-concertos for quintet, which takes listeners on a journey around the world, opening their ears to music’s evolution as an international unifier.