Plan Your Project With PARMA’S A&R Team

You’ve just written your masterwork and you’re looking for the right ensemble to record it. Your ensemble has recorded a series of string quartets but you're unsure of what to do next. You have an idea for a multimedia musical installation but you’re not sure where to go from there.  There are a million ways to begin your project – let us help you refine your ideas and develop an approach that is clear, achievable, and effective.


PARMA can guide you through everything from project management to arts consultation to rights clearances – We can help you take the next steps.


The A&R Team is here to learn everything we can about your music so we can work with you to plan your project and help coordinate the moving parts along the way, whether we’re working with a soup to nuts recording and release project, existing audio masters, or something in between.


PARMA Recordings is a full-service music company made up of a team of in-house professionals offering project management, contracting, production, mixing/editing/mastering, print and web design, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing. We are set up to work on any musical project at any stage of production, either with an all-in plan or an à la carte approach.


But at the beginning of any project, we first need to figure out what to record, how to do it, where to do it, and who to do it with – that’s where A&R comes in. Our full-service A&R department will guide you through this process and will help you bring your music to life.


A&R Services Include:

• Project planning

• Score and audio analysis

• Contracting studios, ensembles, and producers

• Rights, clearances, and permissions

• Artist representation and management


1. Introduction

We begin any project with an initial phone call or in person meeting to discuss your music, your goals, and our ideas for bringing your music to a wider audience.


2. A & R Assessment

We will then collect your scores, audio samples, or other materials to assess and determine whether your project may be a good fit for release on a PARMA label.


3. Score/ Audio Analysis

With help from our Sessions and Audio Departments, we will continue to analyze your music in greater detail to determine our best course of action and next steps.


4. Proposal

We will then present you with a customized proposal containing a detailed outline of each phase of your project, including costs, a timeline, and other specs. This proposal can also be helpful in fundraising for your project.


5. Agreement

Once we agree on the best configuration for your project, we will then draft an agreement to lock in the plan so that we can begin our work right away.


6. Artist Representation

As you work with different members of our team throughout your project, your A&R Representative will be there every step of the way to ensure that we are capturing your vision for the project.

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