photo: Brett Deubner and Allison Brewster Franzetti

Each week, PARMA has the pleasure of not only releasing powerful works by our artists, but also seeing the positive impact that these works have on listeners. Read on for a selection of what the press had to say about the latest releases from Navona Records.


Eleanor Alberga’s Shining Gates of Morpheus from WILD BLUE YONDER featured on BBC Radio 3.

REIMAGINE - Album Cover

“a wonderfully eccentric collection of abrupt mood swings, dream state meditations, angry outbursts, and gentle reflections”

San Francisco Classical Voice on Inna Falik’s REIMAGINE.

MOTHER EARTH - Album Cover

“Brett Deubner and Allison Brewster Franzetti prove to be ideal interpreters who get down to business with great dedication and skill. The result is a recording that is outstanding in terms of both interpretation and technology”

Pizzicato on Brett Deubner’s MOTHER EARTH.

POLARITIES VOL. 2 - Album Cover

Margaret Brandman’s Tango Concerto from POLARITIES VOL. 2 featured on Feminine Fusion.

GRATIAS - Album Cover

“The young voices of the Czech choir exhibit a ductility that allows them to express the subtlety of choral singing.”

Sonograma on Jitro Czech Girls Choir’s GRATIAS.

MOTO ETERNO - Album Cover

“the junction between a claimed classical heritage (Brahms, Prokofiev, Beethoven and others) and the work of contemporary composers”

Jazz Mania on MOTO ETERNO with works by Matthew Hetz, Pierre Schroeder, Timothy Kramer, John Hawkes, David T. Bridges, John G. Bilotta, Christian Paterniti, Diane Jones, Katherine Price, and Michael Cohen.

A NATIVE HILL - Album Cover

“While the voices rise to exultant heights in certain passages, much of A Native Hill is delivered at a controlled hush that amplifies the choir’s silken harmonies and vocal textures and reinforces an overall mood of serenity.”

Textura on Gavin Bryars and The Crossing’s A NATIVE HILL.

POLARITIES VOL. 2 - Album Cover

POLARITIES VOL. 2 with works by Margaret Brandman, Brian Latchem, Beth Mehocic, Mel Mobely, Kamala Sankaram, and Larry Wallach featured on Primephonic New Releases.