On the morning of Sunday, March 22, Zagreb was struck by the largest earthquake it has experienced in 140 years. The 5.4 magnitude earthquake rocked the Croatian capital and surrounding areas, leaving destruction in its wake amidst an already-challenging global period. Now more than ever is the time for all of us to lean on each other, offer help, and give support.

Zagreb is our office away from home, with a number of our project directors, staff members, and our Zagreb Festival Orchestra based in the city. Our work has included performances from some of Zagreb’s finest, including the ZFO’s recordings on bestselling author Dan Brown’s upcoming Wild Symphony, the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra’s performances on CeCe Winans’s GRAMMY-nominated Something’s Happening! A Christmas Album, and releases from composer Matej Mestrovic’s 3 RHAPSODIES (NV6219) to Zoran Šćekić’s JUST MUSIC (RR7922).

We’ve compiled a collection of the music we’ve created with our friends in Zagreb, to highlight their work during this trying period. Zagreb, we stand with you.