The perfect evening needs the perfect music. This Valentine’s Day, PARMA handpicked pieces from our catalog that offer the perfect ambience for a candlelight dinner. From the delicate voice of harp balanced by cello to the performances of memorable repertoire by Schumann, Chopin, and other Romantic greats, Classical Valentine’s Dinner offers equal parts class and sentimentality to your evening.

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A Kiss in the Dark
Samantha Sack

Composer Samantha Sack seeks to recreate a feeling that many people know but are unable to express in her intimacy-centered orchestral work. Rooted in themes of love and trust, this piece conjures the euphoric emotions that surface when finding that special someone upon reaching out into the dark.

“Even seemingly specific emotions feel completely different from person to person; sometimes from listen to listen for the same person. If my work resonates with someone, I want to cherish what it means to them and how it makes them feel.”

Samantha Sack

Samantha Sack

The Inside Story: Samantha Sack and PRISMA VOL. 5

Tres Canciones De Amor: II. Tengo hambre de tu boca
Brian Field

These texts from poet Pablo Neruda set to music come with equal helpings of love and lust, a declaration of infatuation in an intense emotional outpour. This performance from tenor Yanis Benabdallah and the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra deeply explores tension and release, with turbulent passages reflecting the emotional whirlwinds love can induce.

Brian Field

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Harlequin in Love: III. He Loves
Frank Wallace

This solo guitar movement from Frank Wallace carries an unabashed and care-free feeling of falling in love. A grounding ostinato is complemented by uplifting melodic lines throughout the piece, ascending patiently before wistfully floating back down in serenity.



Ravello Records is pleased to announce the release of the late composer-performer Frank A. Wallace’s album, WALLACE PLAYS WALLACE. This multi-disc compilation is a wide-ranging culling of the noted guitarist/composer’s decades of masterful classical guitar performances of his own compositions.

I Would Like To Dance with You
Monika Gurak

Vivid images of soft sand and gentle waves soaked in moonlight flood the senses in Monika Gurak’s romantic composition performed by mezzo soprano Chelsea Melamed and pianist Jo Greenaway. Following the rest of the album’s theme, I Would Like To Dance with You evokes a longing for love and the freedom it brings.

“This is my debut album and its release means a lot to me. It’s a culmination of my efforts, which took many years to achieve. It’s also about overcoming all the obstacles along the way to attain this goal. It shows that dreams do come true, although sometimes it’s a long process to realize them.”

Monika Gurak

Monika Gurak

The Inside Story: Monika Gurak and I LOVE YOU LIKE SPAIN

Caucasus Sonata III: Romance
Mark G. Simon

Performed by acclaimed pianist Anna Kislitsyna, composer Mark G. Simon’s Caucasus Sonata III: Romance is as deeply moving as it is playful, covering the broad palette of emotion that a romantic encounter can invoke. From its lush and tender opening to the spiraling glissando at its conclusion, a compelling romantic arch begs to be explored.

“I think the sonata encompasses everything I’d experienced in my life, all the complex, even contradictory feelings I had about life, and about music… I’ve waited 27 years to hear it actually performed by human fingers.”

Mark G. Simon

Mark Simon

The Inside Story: Mark G. Simon and A GRAND JOURNEY

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