September introduces lots of transitions, from cooler temperatures and falling leaves to steaming beverages replacing iced coffees. And, of course, September means that back-to-school season is in full swing. With professors assigning their first essays of the semester and students hitting the library and practice rooms, PARMA is joining in the excitement by spotlighting the type of work most synonymous with musical study: the étude.

PARMA has had the pleasure of recording a number of fascinating études by our composers, which continues this tradition of composing works for practice and the betterment of specific skills. From dramatic cello performances to electronic manipulations of piano exercises, PARMA artists have proved that studying is anything but dull.

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Etude for Concert
Zhiyi Wang

Etude for Concert from composer Zhiyi Wang employs a short motif to develop a wild voyage. Performed by acclaimed pianist Anna Kislitsyna on PIANO SPECTRUMS, the piece is based on the very first three notes. Through demanding techniques and complex paces, the motif is sculpted into a rich and colorful evolution. Finally, it returns to tranquility, echoing the initial appearance.

“I look at it as a landmark in my path of composing, and I wish to write more etudes in the future to form a series.”

Composer Zhiyi Wang

PIANO SPECTRUMS - album cover


A profoundly emotive selection of aesthetic contemporary pieces – and a world-class interpretation ranging from tender filigree to unbridled, seething virtuosity.

Nouvelle Étude
Éric Tanguy

Commissioned by Piano Spheres (Los Angeles) and Steven Vanhauwaert, composer Éric Tanguy’s Nouvelle Étude is the result of a specific request from Vanhauwaert, who wanted to give a recital solely of studies. First premiered in June 2015 at Los Angeles’s Walt Disney Hall, this rhythmic and joyful piece transforms an initial motif through various harmonies, registers, and dynamics.



A showcase of the composer’s illustrative style of punctuated modality and connection, translated through thoughtful yet intense music. 

Études, Op. 25
Frederic Chopin

Considered by many as one of the most challenging repertoires to master, Études, Op. 25 by composer Frederic Chopin receives a masterful performance on VIRTUOSO from Dmitry Ishkhanov. Ishkhanov approaches these works with Chopin’s intentions in mind, succeeding with integrity and finesse while conjuring a smooth singing voice from the piano in contrast to the instrument’s percussive nature.

“It is fascinating how each of the 12 etudes creates their own unique, immersive, and conflicting worlds. Whilst targeting specific technique styles, they also target specific emotional responses of the listeners.”

Dmitry Ishkhanov

Conversations with Pianist Dmitry Ishkhanov

Tapestry Studies
Paul Paccione

Composer Paul Paccione’s Tapestry Studies is a collection of nine relatively short etude-like character pieces for piano, each piece performed by pianist Jenny Perron, and expressive of a distinct musical idea, mood, or style. The musical figuration, design, and textural coloring of the opening bars of each movement determine the character of the movement, which is developed and sustained throughout without interruption until the end.

Learn more about Paccione in his Inside Story:

Paul Paccione

The Inside Story: Paul Paccione and MUSIC FOR PIANO

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